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  1. NS8 Talking on ETN

    thank you for the quick responses. This fixed my problem!!
  2. NS8 Talking on ETN

    I am trying to connect an NS8 touchscreen to a PLC with Ethernet. I cant get it to do anything but sit there connecting and I have spent 4 hours messing with it. Can someone please help me with what the settings would be for the PLC (ETN21 or ETN11 I can use either module) and also help me with the settings for the NS screen? I have them both set to similar addresses (PLC is, touchscreen is I have them both on network 1. In the NS I selected it to be node 2. If I go into the NS touchscreen settings and I select Comm test from the special screen, it will let me get the info of the PLC with command 0501 to N.n.u= 1.1.0. One thing that is very strance to me is that I also in the NS-Designer cannot select the memory addresses to be ETN:#### only PT or SerialA. I am pulling my hair out!
  3. Strange Comm Port Results

    That's the conclusion I came to also. I will try putting it onto a machine and see if it does the reset I am looking for. Thank you for all your help.
  4. Strange Comm Port Results

    perhaps its the version of manual I have. It is running // 9600,7,E,2,N // RS-232 Mode // start code 0x0002 // end code 0x0003 its not that strange, but its not default either.
  5. Strange Comm Port Results

    I found what you are talking about in W393, but unfortunately that wasn't much help. I am going to continue looking for the actual meanings of each bit in these 10 words from S to S+9. I know that if I put 0000 in S it will reset to default settings, and right now I am wishing we didn't need the special settings.
  6. Strange Comm Port Results

    I looked at the STUP command, and it seems that it might be for a Comm unit. Does it work for the built in Rs-232 port, and if so how do I specify the onboard port in the N operand? EDIT: I found a book that had a little more detail. It seems it will work for the onboard RS232, but I am now stumped on the settings words. I cant seem to find where it tells me what S0-S9 equate to, and I have a custom setting I need to retain.
  7. Strange Comm Port Results

    I have a strange (to me at least) situation with some CJ PLC's that I have, and I am hoping someone can help me eliminate the problems. Specs: They are CJ1G-CPU42H PLCs. They have an ID231 and an OD231. The Comm port is connected to a PC Comm port, and the cable is always connected. Using TXD and RXD to communicate due to small ammount of traffic. Troubleshooting: I find that when the PC is already powered up, the PLC will have a perfectly functioning RS-232 port when it powers up. I have no issues when the device powers up and I try to use the program on the PC to communicate. I find that when the PLC is already powered up, the PLC will not have a functioning RS-232 port when the PC powers up. No form of communication through this port is possible, not even connecting to another computer or another program. Power cycling just the PLC at this point will fix the problem I find that if the Cable is not connected to the PLC comm port it doesn't matter which powers up first. They port will always function. Conclusion: So based on my above findings, I am assuming that the PLC does some sort of 'protected' state on the comm port? Is there a way to reset this state within the ladder logic so that the PC and the PLC dont have to be started in a specific order? This has been causing confusion for all the operators of the machine. I appreciate any advice that can be given.
  8. CX-P on PDA

    Use the "PM" button.
  9. String compare in CPM2A

    Hmm.. I will have to check. I typically use the CJ's because the projects I tend to work on need more than a shoebox.
  10. String compare in CPM2A

    Do you have to use that particular PLC? If you can get ome with the CJ instruction set it has a compare string function built in. I believe the shoebox style for the CJ instruction set is the CP1H? (please correct me if I am wrong experts!)
  11. Omron counting limitation bypass

    You said exactly the same thing as me. The first 4 digits of your 8 digit number are in DM1501....
  12. Omron counting limitation bypass

    One word of caution, with this command, if you are putting the data into say D1500, the first 4 digits will be in 1501. So if you are outputting them somewhere you will want to send 1501 then 1500 to have the number in the correct order.
  13. Suggestions for starting from scratch

    I use a Targus PA088 usb to serial so far I have had no trouble, and I often use it instead of my built in serial port because the lights on it often help me troubleshoot traffic between the two.
  14. CX - Designer Problem

    have you considered using a single error screen with various frames as the troubleshooting section? this will eliminate the problems you are having.
  15. SunRise SunSet Calculate

    I would have to agree, if you dont want to use the formula then historical data or a light sensor would be best. THe reason the formula is so complex is because the path that the sun travels at noon is actually a figure 8, and the shape of that figure8 is dependant on how far from the equator you are. /shrug Lousy science always getting in the way