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  1. Citect Explorer

    As being new to Citect Explorer Graphics builder, am faced with this error: "Error starting: CTSETUP.EXE. The requested operation requires elevation."   I Need some help to get this error fixed.   Thank you.
  2. GE Fanuc 90-30 & 90-70

    The Copper Processing plant that I am working in now still have series 90-70 in use. Other parts of the plant use SLC5/05 of Allen Bradley.  Would anyone tell me if both 90-30 and 90-70 of GE are still on the market today?
  3. Hi there,,, Anyone knows the steps in configuring Cisco Catalyst 2955, please help me out. 
  4. Hi, I have AB SLC05/5 PLC controlling Metso Filter Press with Citect SCADA version 6.10. I now have a problem where several graphics on the main graphics page are missing, thus preventing Control Room Operators running the equipment (Filter Press). I have to restore the missing graphics to have the equipment back running. I connected my laptop PC on which RsLogix 500 is installed, and verified Ethernet communication between the PLC and the laptop from RSLINX Lite. However, when attempting to verify communication on the RsLogix 500 under Communication Tab, I have this message popping up: "RsLogix 500 Security Violation. 'You are not authorised to perform this operation(Communications Configuration).'" When attempting to go On-Line, this message is also popping up: "The current security connection is no longer valid." This is preventing me from going On-line to clear the faults and restore the missing graphics. I am just wondering if one of my workmates who had worked on it earlier - who is not familiar with AB PLC - had done someting silly and is hidding it from me. Can anyone please help me resolve my issue. Thank you so much for your help.
  5. This is it! TWControls, you are now lighting up my PLC pathway. Thank you for resolving my problem.
  6. This brings more light now. Thank you so much, TWControls. I would very much like to use 250 Ohms resistor to take 1-5 VDC into my voltage analgue input module, but my problem is that ML1400 has a built-in 0-10VDC analgue input module that I am now trying to use. Can I stil use 250 ohm resistor to take 1-5VDC into the PLC?
  7. Thanks so much Transistor for affirmation. Will try it out and see how it goes.
  8. I am building up an Allen Bradley ML1400 PLC training kit for myself. Now can I apply 4-20mA from my Process Fluke Multimeter to a 500 ohm resistor to obtain 1-10 VDC and use that as my Analogue Voltage Input into the module? thank you,
  9. I have RsLogix 500 installed on my process laptop PC (Ms Windows XP, Professional Version 2002, Service Pac 2, Dell Latitude D630 Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU, T7500 @ 2.20 GHz, 2.19 GHz 1.99 GB RAM). I have been using this to access AB SLC5/05 PLC in the past years with no issues. But its now popping up this error message: "Fatal Error! The copy Protection License for the application could not be acquired. Error2, " and the program could not be opened now. I need to open up the program so that I could go on-line to run the back-up program. I thank you so much in advance for helping me out.
  10. LOGO! Soft Comfort on ML1400.

    Thanks so much Michael. You are straight forward and You have now removed all the doubts in my mind. I am now confident that I will be Okay from now. I am lucky to have joined this forum.
  11. LOGO! Soft Comfort on ML1400.

    Thank you so much PLCMentor. I initially doubted that as well - Siemens LOGO program running on AB ML1400 processor. But when I uploaded from the PLC to programmer (PC) I did not get any ladder programme or project on RSLogix500, though it was online and running. This is something new and different to what I expected, as I normally do with SLC500. But am just an apprentice and am too curious to learn more about PLC. thank you,
  12. I have ML1400 set up on one of the portable conveyors. I am new to this PLC and the conveyor as well. I connected my laptop PC to ML1400 via ethernet switch and went on line with RSLogix 500 to upload the running program to save a back up copy only to find that there is no project running on RSLogix500. I realised that the LADDER Logic was done on LOGO! Soft Comfort Version 7.1. The LOGO! software is installed on my PC, but I dont know how I could establish communication between Allen Bradley ML1400 processor and Siemens LOGO! Soft Comfort software, so that I can upload the runnning program for my back up.   thank you in advance for helping me.    
  13. Thank you so much, kaiser_will. I will go through that as per your instructions and if I run into issues again, I will post back for more help. Otherwise, I am very happy with what you have put up. Thank you so much.
  14. I did set an IP address for ML1400 using RSLinx BOOTP DHCP server successfully. Then I went on to configure RSLinx Ethernet/IP Driver, also done successfully. But only when trying to validate the device under that driver, its giving me "Device not recognised." I made several attempts making sure everything was done correctly, but coming up with the same outcome. Anyone had a similar experience and came out of it? Please help me.   thank you,