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  1. Hi WhiteBear, I am new to the forum so please excuse if you have answered this already but has anyone respond to you? I have a Compactlogix L43 system using Sercos to (4) Kinteix6000 drives, my problem is my custom motor manufacturer is out of business, Rockwell can't help me, even though they originally created the custom .blb file. Since my project is for the military, Im locked in at V17.3 so I can't update any of my hardware/software without complete re-certification. We found a new motor manufacturer, have obtained the .blb files from Rockwell, the Stegmann encoder programmer from Sick but I can't get anyone who can tell me what info the Kinetix reads during Phase 3 and how the (3) files work together. I have the .cmf file for the existing part number for the Rockwell motion database, I was able to pull the data from an existing Stegmann encoder but something doesn't match between these files and my new motors, the Kinetix6000 locks on Phase 3 if I put the part number into the axis tab. I can't find anyone who can help me with this. Have you had any success with your project?