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  1. what is the torque of motor for this required application and what type of motor can we select for this required specification with required specifications... travel range-25mm load -0.5kg resolution <0.6 micrometer accuracy <+_0.6 micrometer speed-programmable speed not less than 1.5 mm/sec unidirectional repeatability- not more than 1micrometer backlash not more than 3 micrometer straightness-not more than 10 micrometer size of the stage-<110mm(l)*75mm(w)*45mm(h) overall weight of the stage <300g.  
  2. how to calculate the torque for required application.   how to calculate the ball screw lead and external force. how to calculate the motor torque for required application. give me the required answer for torque calculation. traverse range 25mm ,maximum load 0.5 kg ,resolution<0.5mm, accuracy<0.5micrometer unidirectional repeatability not more than 1micrometer, maximum speed more than 1.5mm/sec, motor type servomotor,size of stage <110mml*75mmw*45mmh overall weight of the stage<300g encoder input-quadrature pulse style or up-down style operating temperature 5degree to 50 degree. dimension <45mml*115mmw*145h.