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  1. You guys are great!! Many thanks!!.
  2. Dear Friends  Please help convert the Rslogix 5 attached  to Contrologix 5000 version 16.03.000(CPR9) . I just want to be able to read it on my laptop I am not using it in a live equipment. Also please teach me how to to this   Thanks   Arthur PD56631_MM99703_0005_999.RSP
  3. Controllogix Prog .ACD to PDF

    Thank you every one. I never knew good people have a good forum here. Thanks a lot!!
  4. Controllogix Prog .ACD to PDF

    I want to read the logic in the attached file. It is a controllogix 5000 program but I could not open it. Advise me on what I need to open the file after having a controllogix5000 running and activated.  Kindly also in the mean time convert to PDF na d send to my email   Thanks   Arthur PD3M651_MC12642_9000_999.ACD