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  1. 842E-S Absolute Encoder

    Hi, Thanks for your response. I have already set it up for 1 revolution 360 resolution but it gives latency with comparing to drive actual position. I want to use this encoder to check the actual position which should be similar to drive pf527 actual position. is there any suggestion?? is the resolution I have entered right? My actual shaft turn 1 turn which represent 360 degree and cyclic 0-360-0 that the reading should I see.
  2. 842E-S Absolute Encoder

    Hi all, I have question and hope I can find answer here? I am using 842E-SIP single turn absolute encoder and this encoder read 262144 count/rev for 1 turn, with studio5000 program.  I am not sure how to use the full scale to read position 0 -360 degree for 1 turn and back to 0? any suggestion? Thanks for your response in advance.  
  3. Homing Axis help required!

    Thanks, for your response. I cant change the design right now. Now I just want to now how to define the homing position for this system by getting advantage of the absolute encoder to initialize my homing?  
  4. Homing Axis help required!

    Hi all, I have the following system and need your advice and thought on how to do homing for this system, it is not hard thing but for me it is because this is the first time i work with motion and therefore your support will be really helpful. I have guard logix controller with Power flex 527 drive with its incremental encoder, Absolute encoder 842E-CM-M those connected via Ethernet switch and two proxy sensors connected to Point IO DI safety used to confirm homing is done. what I need to do, is to figure out what is homing procedure for this system, I read through MAH instruction and it is possible to use it if I have limit switch connected to Drive DI ch1 which will need to configured for home, but I dont have this limit switch. is there any alternative way to do the homing? 
  5. PF527 with THERMISTOR

    Hi all, I have THERMISTOR connected directly to PF527  on AI pin 14-15. I am not sure how to do the scaling on Logix5000 and what is the equation that I need to use to trip my reading.  can someone help me with this ! Thanks for your response in advance.      
  6. Factory Talk View SE - Animation

    Hi, Thanks for your response. I've been asked to check if v9 HMI factoryTalkView does spline function properly? they said Ver8.2 does not!. what does that mean? I read animation chapter in factoryTalkView and there is a horizontal and vertical animation base on specific tag. is that same as spline?
  7. Factory Talk View SE - Animation

    Hi all, I would like to track objects on map for animation purpose in FTview v.9, and wounder if any one can share their experience/suggestion  in this regard. Thanks,    
  8. MATC_Cam Profile pause

    I have chose this instruction because we have a very complex profile, and this instruction support cam profile? Do you have any suggestion for "generating complex speed profile based on time / based on position"  to control the drives speed ? Thanks,
  9. MATC_Cam Profile pause

    HI all, I have an issue with one of my PLC task using Rockwell automation motion control and wondering if you can help me with it! The task is creating a complex speed using CAM profile for programming the speed of PF527 Drive, it is actually two PF527 always work together on same direction. I am using MATC instruction to do this task but I am facing an issue. While I pause the instruction, everything will stop as required, however, when I resume the cam profile will run all over from zero. I am looking for some help / advice on how can I program the MATC so I can stop the profile (or “pause” it) without starting the whole profile from the beginning. I do not have that much experience with motion control, and actually this is my first task therefore any help or support would be highly appreciated.
  10. MATC_recovery

    Hi all, I am using MATC instruction (time vs position). I am stuck with pause operation, it always start from zero and I wanted to do the following: once the Estop pressed I need to pause the cam, and once Estop removed the slave should continue at where its stops. can someone help me with by providing some info/codes on how to perform it? Thanks,
  11. its a vehicle moving on a track. The two drives are always work together on same direction. attached is an example of the data required. Thanks and appreciate your response in advance. Data_Required.csv
  12. Hi all, based on the above title, I am looking for motion instruction that helps me generate complex speed profile. I have two pf527 drives set up in velocity loop with its encoders. right now I am controlling /running the drives by  using a speed instruction  "motion axis jog", the load will move and the sensor read the current position of the load. I would like to create a complex speed profile based on lists of positions (I have about 100 different speed for more that 5000 values).  I read through MAPC and MATC instructions but I don't think it is fit my need because the cam profile is based on position and Slave is position value follow the master position or time. therefore I am looking for some advice from those who has experience with motion control using Rockwell, and I really appreciate your response in advance. Thanks,
  13. Using MAPC instruction to control PF527 as master slave

    Jog command  
  14. Using MAPC instruction to control PF527 as master slave

    Thanks for prompt response. well I need to create position and speed profile. at certain position the speed will change accordingly! 
  15. Hi there,  I have two PF527 connected to two motors and encoders and I want to control them as master and slave both run at the same speed for some points then the master increase its speed and slave should keep its speed or dcrease at another points. I was reading through MAPC instruction and understand that i can use this instruction to control PF527 as master slave. The explination of this function is very dry and couldnt understand how this function work exactly. Can anyone help and explain it to me how the this instruction works? Thanks for your response in advanc.