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  1. Alternating Output for DL06

    Thanks, shouldn't need a diag.   I'll follow up after I get a chance to run it in trial.  
  2. Hello I'm new at this so please pardon my inexperience.   I'm looking to create a few lines of code that will alternate between one of two outputs each time a given input goes active.   Basically the function of an alternating relay in the E-M relay world.   I have done this with Mitsubishi PLC and there is a simple "ALT"  and "ALTP" functions that provide this without creating your own, but I haven't seen in Direct Soft.   I'm looking at possibly building this using a counter and then have a comparative that will drive the one output on an odd counter value and the other on an even counter value, and then reset the counter after it hits 2.     Would be nice to do this simply without having to get that complicated though.  I'm using Direct Soft 5 to program an Automation Direct DL06 PLC.   thank you Jeff