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  1. GXWorks2 - Cross Ref Auto Track greyed out

    All windows, except the ladder window, are closed and it is still not available. I attached a screen-capture of my project window. Any further help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I am looking for a pocket to mount inside the panel door for drawings. I noticed Hoffman makes them, but I don't want to drill any holes. Would any of you have a good recommendation to stick a pocket securely inside a panel door with an adhesive sticker or something?
  3. GOT - Overlapping buttons/displays

    Sorry, I always seem to answer my own questions shortly after I pose them. I finally found some literature on layers (GT Designer2 Version 2 Screen Design Manual) and believe this will solve my problem to superimpose objects on a screen. 
  4. GOT - Overlapping buttons/displays

    I want to overlap two displays/buttons on a GOT, and have them set up with different On/Off display triggers. However, as one disappears it leaves a black box where it used to be, which covers the other display underneath from displaying. How could I resolve this? I want one display to show up as one dissappears, but their overlap creates an issue for the one underneath. My thought was to mess around with a window popup of some sort, but hoped there might be an easier solution. Thanks.
  5. Remote I/O over Enet/IP in Q?

    Hello wizards, I am looking to learn more about networking PLCs and specifically configuring remote I/O. Does Mitsubishi or anyone offer training on remote I/O ?  I was hoping to configure and control remote I/O from a Q over Ethernet I/P. From a basic Allen Bradley background this seemed rather intuitive. Although, it seems as though this is more complicated in Mitsubishi and requires a gateway perphaps?  Any advice, links, programming examples and reference on remote I/O programming and especially hardware over Ethernet I/P would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!     
  6. Remote I/O over Enet/IP in Q?

    Much thanks!  And WOW you have a fantastic memory, bang on! 
  7. Remote I/O over Enet/IP in Q?

    Sorry for the delayed response to this thread. I very much appreciate all the feedback. I attended CC-link training through MEAU and enjoyed it. I am more comfortable and familiar with using CC-link for remote I/O now. Since working with Mitsubishi I am definitely preferring it to Allen Bradley. Eventually, I may begin to dive into Ethernet, when I find the time. For now, I will explore with CC-link so thanks for all the help. Question though, is there a monitor bit that you can see in the PLC to ensure that the CC-link network is still running and working? In our training we only monitored I/O, and I forgot to ask that question. To clarify, I am looking to monitor the status of the network to shut down the process if the network fails for whatever reason.  
  8. SD Card for GOT Ladder Monitor?

    Thank you! 
  9. SD Card for GOT Ladder Monitor?

    When trying to monitor ladder logic from the GOT, I get an error saying "File access error. Please check the [A] drive." After researching this error I came back with the attached picture. Do I need an SD card to monitor ladder logic from the GOT? Currently, there is no USB or SD card inserted into the GOT.  I also stumbled upon these settings in the GOT (in the attached picture). 
  10. Text Input

    Thank you! I think that's what I was missing, was to use an ASCII display instead of a text display. When I chose a text display with 10 digits it only displayed the two characters inside D2510 in your example. So I'm guessing that once I change it to an ASCII display it will then display characters from D2510 ~ D2530 for example. Thanks again! 
  11. Text Input

    I am trying to write a long string as text input in a GOT2000. My issue is that it seems to concatenate the string, or only receives the first couple letters of it. An example string I am trying to enter is ABCDE1234. Would I be able to write this to a D-register? I know the D-registers can only hold a numerical value of 65,535 but what values do alphabetical characters hold? Someone please tell me the best way to program this text input or the best way to use a text input on a GOT. I then need to transfer this data to another PLC over Ethernet, but that isn't an issue as long as I can figure out how to get the text from the GOT into the PLC correctly. 
  12. Text Input

    How could I display these characters, stored in sequential D-registers, on a GOT? I thought of just adding multiple text displays side-by-side, but wondered if there was a way to display them all in one single text display? 
  13. Text Input

    I may have figured this out, as I realize each text character is 8 bits so it combines two characters (8 bits each) into a 16-bit D-register. I am displaying one D-register so it only shows the first two characters that I entered. I am going out to the machine to test this theory, but I bet that all the others text that was entered is there in the other registers. It just doesn't display. I am guessing I need to have a text display for the other D-registers to show all the characters I need unless I can find a different register (other than D) to store the text input and display it. Not sure if any registers are larger than 16 bits and can store and display more than 2 characters. 
  14. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    Hello, Is it possible to choose which keypad shows up for a numerical input or text input?
  15. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    Thanks! I was able to find the Utililty Action Switch inside a special function switch.  As far as pressing the enter key to 'write to the device and move the cursor', I can't figure it out. The arrow keys inside my keyboard 'move the cursor the right' (without writing) which works wonderfully except that it doesn't write anything. Whereas the Enter key 'writes to the device' and is supposed to 'move the cursor', but doesn't actually move the cursor. Please see attached for options. The one highlighted is currently set for the Enter key, but doesn't work as I think it should. None of the other options specify that it will write AND move the cursor.   
  16. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    Thank you! I will try that, although I am unsure of your directions haha. I will let you know how it goes. One other question, anyone know how to add a utility call key button to the screen so I don't have to fiddle around trying to find the corner. I'm still not sure how long I need to hold that for and it doesn't always work. Adding a button to the screen to get to the utility screen would be much more helpful. Anyone? 
  17. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    Thanks Gambit. I did find these and ended up using them. I did skim over a section in a manual somewhere that mentioned that the GOT could skip to the next input after pressing the "return" key (or Enter?) ? Do you know if it is possible for an operator to cycle through a set of inputs on a screen by pressing "Ret / Enter" ? 
  18. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    I think I found a good manual to use on how to do this. It is GT Designer2 Version 2 Screen Design Manual. Chapter 4 illustrates how to set up a custom user keypad. Thanks for your help guys though and I will return here if I have any questions. 
  19. Choose Keypad GTDesigner3

    Thanks guys. I am very new to GOTs so I will try to do this. On the screen you created are you able to view the set of numbers you enter? These number buttons are in the library I presume? How do you set it up so that it will enter in a string of numbers? My question is how does this screen pop up and enter the numbers into whatever button you pushed on the screen to get this keypad to pop up? Sorry, I'm confusing myself with this question so let me know if you need clarification. I am just trying to process how to set it all up.  
  20. DIN Rail

    After further research, it seems as though the standard perforation in DIN rail is 6.3mm diameter by 18mm wide. Thus, I believe it is recommended to use an M6 screw. I just now need to figure out how deep my hole is going to be with a standard 1mm thick rail and I'm not sure how thick the backplate is and what clearance I have to the back of the panel. Off I go.  
  21. DIN Rail

    Does 35mm DIN Rail have standard size mounting holes? In other words, no matter who supplies the DIN Rail,  will all mounting holes will be the same dimension? Does anyone know this dimension? I am looking to size a screw to mount DIN Rail, but unsure of dimensions. Also, any suggestions for an online DIN Rail supplier would be helpful. Would you recommend mounting steel DIN Rail inside a steel enclosure? Thanks in advance.  
  22. Enet Comms GOT-Q PLC Not Working

    SOLUTION: Wow, after much head banging I figured it out to be a port conflict. I had to change the GOT communication port number to a different number (5002) than the station/module it was trying to connect to (5001).  
  23. Enet Comms GOT-Q PLC Not Working

    I can't get a GOT2000 to communicate to a Q06UDEHCPU through a QJ71E71-100 ethernet module. This module is Module 2. Attached are the settings in the PLC and GOT: Am I missing something? Is this correct? PLC settings: GOT settings: 
  24. Enet Comms GOT-Q PLC Not Working

    Why can't I ping the QJ71E71 module with my laptop directly plugged into it? Should this not be an issue? I am pinging, which the I.P. address I assigned the QJ71E71 module. 
  25. Enet Comms GOT-Q PLC Not Working

    Unfortunately, this did not solve my issue. On the QJ71E71-100 module status lights the Open light is not on (nor flashing). So clearly the Ethernet port is not open for communication? I am still completely stumped.