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  1. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    YAY! I got it to work with the QJ71E71-100 Ethernet card too now. Thanks Daniel for all your effort to help! 
  2. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    Thanks Daniel, I got it to work finally! The only thing I changed inside the MES CPU configurator settings was the Base Mode. I changed it from Auto to Detail, which I have no idea what that does. 
  3. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    I'll need to check on the link parameter error, but I doubt I still have that since I don't have the Ethernet card in the rack anymore. That would be great to have a multi-cpu configuration, but what do you mean change the 2nd CPU type? How do you specify the type of CPU?  I'm thinking it all has to do with setting up the MES module settings to match the CPU parameters, but I could be wrong.
  4. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    @collinsd70 - The above failed. I was successful in creating a program with just the PLC in the rack, but once I tried to add the MES module as a 2nd PLC, both the CPU and MES module faulted. I think I matched the parameters/settings, but it still won't work. The MES module takes up 2 slots in the rack, but I'm not sure how to specify that in the multiple CPU settings. 
  5. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    Thanks @collinsd70. I will try to run the rack with the bar essentials and gradually add modules like you said. That is great advice, thank you! When I get a chance I will upload the manual if I don't have much success in setting it all up. Thanks again. I will update later with my progress.
  6. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    Still no luck. Please Help! 
  7. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    I just noticed that I left a spare in Slot 1, assuming I needed to with the MES module taking up 2 slots physically. I will try moving the QJ71E71-100 module to Slot 1 in the PLC parameters and MES module settings to see what happens. I'll respond back if it is successful. 
  8. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    The PLC and MES are faulted when trying to set it up. Any help would be appreciated. PLC Rack is as follows: Q03UDECPU (Slot 0), QJ71MES96US (Slot 1 & 2) and then QJ71E71-100 (Slot 3). Attached are photos of parameters, MES setup, and Error Message. I am not sure what I am doing wrong in setting up the MES module to match the PLC parameters. I imagine this is what is causing the error. Both the CPU and MES module are faulted with red blinking lights. I also was unable to change the Target CPU in the MES setting utility, even though I'm not sure I'm supposed to. I tried changing it to 2 (since the MES unit is the 2nd CPU) and when I change tabs, and go back, it is reverted back to 1, although still not sure this is the issue. I did "Write" the setting in the 'Online operation' tab, received a message saying the setting change was successful and then reset both the PLC and MES.   
  9. JP.Read QJ71E71-100 Channels

    Okay thanks. I wasn't sure about this, and wanted to confirm that I could try to step through or use a timer to talk to different stations through one channel. I didn't want to bog down one channel, but I know you're right that it is quite fast. Thank you for the response. 
  10. JP.Read QJ71E71-100 Channels

    I'm using a JP.Read Instruction and from my basic understanding I believe it communicates through a single channel. In the control data I need to specify word address of which channel to use. My question is, if I am trying to communicate with several Q03UDECPU PLCs (say 16 stations using the maximum 16 sockets of the QJ71E71-100 module) is it only possible to communicate simultaneously to 8 stations since it only has 8 channels? I'm trying to continuously read the data of 16 stations as fast as effectively possible, but not sure how to do that with only 8 channels to work with (I think the max channels is 8). 
  11. Q to Q Enet Comm - GP.Read Instruction Error

    I believe I am using a crossover cable between the two QJ71E71-100 Ethernet modules, but maybe I need a switch in between (?) . My laptop PC is connected via USB to PLC1. I did discover my first mistake, as I had the network number wrong in my control data D2004. Now I don't get an instruction error, but now a Comm error which I need to look into. In a loopback test it appears that PLC1 is not able to communicate with PLC2.
  12. In a simple bench test, I am trying to communicate between two Q03UDECPU PLCs through a QJ71E71-100 module (both in Slot 0 on the racks) through a 3 foot Ethernet cable. I get an instruction error when I try to execute the GP.Read instruction. It doesn't give any indication why it fails, but the CPU faults out trying to execute this instruction. Any help would be appreciated.      If you want, I can attach both PLC programs. 
  13. Connect PC through QJ71E71-100

    Oh! Okay, that makes a lot of sense. I was never sure, or never looked hard enough to figure that out (PC vs PLC side). THANKS A LOT !
  14. Connect PC through QJ71E71-100

    I read through multiple previous posts on this topic, but still can't connect my laptop to a Q03UDECPU using GXWorks2 (Version  1.540N) through an Ethernet switch via QJ71E71-100 card. I can ping the ethernet card, but can't seem to connect at all. Here is my setup: Q03UDECPU with local QJ71E71-100 module (with I.P. address, Network 1 Station 1). The Q03UDECPU is CPU 1 in a multiple CPU setting with another EIP4CCPU module in the rack as well. TCP > MELSOFT CONNECTION ( x 2 , one for successfully connected GOT and one for my unsuccessful PC), and other TCP connection (For successfully connected MES module) PC I.P. address: Subnet Mask: Attached you will see all QJ71E17-100 settings and also connection properties with which I am trying to connect. What am I doing wrong?   
  15. MES push or pull data?

    Wow! Thank you for the reply as it is all great information. I hadn't considered your last point regarding DRY, but that is very helpful in developing this! Speed isn't an issue as we are merely collecting a set of registers or different sets of registers for data collection purposes every couple hours on a given machine. It is a collection of data all at once. We may run into a scenario where we attempt to collect data on multiple machines at once, but we are more considered with reliability and ease of setup & future use. I think I decided we are going to pull data from each PLC via a master, once it is signaled to do so based on your last point about repetitive code change (DRY). I was also made aware that the MES module is limited in the number of devices it can connect to. I did not realize, nor do I quite understand what you mean by a limitation on sub PLC connections, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Thanks!