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  1. Reading from FX3U error message

    I am attempting to upload from a FX3U-32M to which I do not have a program for. Initially, I got an error message that the languages did not match, so I changed the program to Japanese. Then after uploading the program I received the attached error message (in the picture). I do not know what this means. When I open the program that I read, I can compile it, but with a lot of warnings, even a duplicate output. I'm concerned that I am missing something, and think the Local Labels might be an issue? I am only familiar with simple ladder projects, so maybe this was created using labels which I am not familiar with the process to upload that type of program.     
  2. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    The electrical department miraculously found a laptop still running Windows 95, I know right?! It is my lucky day. I also found a copy of the GOT program on a CD drive after digging around. I don't know how I'm getting so lucky! So I haven't tested the communication yet, nor do I really want to mess with it anymore, but I might if I'm bored. I will start on the upgrade process though now that I have the screens.
  3. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    The port I'm connecting to says RS-232C beneath it, if that helps any. @Veganic Maybe it is just the fact that I'm not using Windows 95? I'm not sure how we are going to install Windows 95 to try that though haha! I may just be starting from scratch for an upgrade (YAY!)   
  4. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    @kaare_tI tried a RS-422 converter cable and still had no luck. I even tried all the different communication settings, but couldn't communicate. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  5. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    Sorry for the delayed reply. I finally came around back to this issue. Below you will see the recommended cable AC30R2-9P found inside the SW3NIW-A8GOTP Operating Manual in the section describing how to connect to the GOT. I noticed that this is to send data to the GOT, but would it be the same to upload data from the GOT? I haven't done anything yet to figure out how to convert to RS422 though to see if that is my issue.    SW3NIW-A8GOTP Operating Manual (Software).pdf
  6. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    I'll check the cable again or see if we have another one kicking around. I only mentioned that I was using the RS232 port off the laptop. I am plugged into the RS-422 port (I'm guessing) on the GOT. See the attached picture for where I am connecting to the GOT to ensure I am attempting to connect in the right spot. 
  7. GOT 800 Upload Connection Failure

    GOT: A8GT-70GOT-EW Software: SW3NIW-A8GOTP Version 20N (downloaded free off Mitsubishi website) Communication cable: AC30R2-9P (rung out pins to test and was recommended in GOT manual)  I am trying to upload the GOT program using an old laptop with RS-232 port and have tried all baud rates on COM1 in the software. No other COM ports show any connection on the laptop, which is expected. I have even tried changing the GOT-type (although I figured it would be A870GOT-EL). The other options for GOT are A870GOT-TFT, STN/A810GOT or A85*GOT-STN,L. I have also tried to upload from memory and memory card, which are options, with no luck. I keep getting a connection failed message every time I try to upload. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks guys! 
  8. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    Nevermind, just found out that a Q is unable to communicate with the FX3U-ENET-ADP, but apparently it can communicate with the FX3U-ENET. I was given some code by Mitsubishi tech support to communicate via MC Protocol and will give that a try. 
  9. @Gambit We are also trying to communicate between a Q series PLC and an FX using MC Protocol. My question is, are we able to use the last function block you listed (...EthernetFX3QMC...) inside the Q series PLC program? We are hoping to capture (pull) data from multiple FX series PLCs using the Q as the master who reads the data. So is it possible to use that FB in the Q program to read data from the FX using MC Protocol?   
  10. QJ71E71-100 communication between PLC

    @kaare_t  I am trying to communicate via MC Protocol from a Q03UDECPU with QJ71E71-100 module - through ENET switch - to an FX3U-ENET-ADP attached to a FX3U PLC. The FX3U-ENET-ADP only allows TCP > MC Protocol communication as seen in my attached picture. This is the only reason I'm now trying to communicate via MC Protocol, whereas before I was able to communicate through fixed buffer from Q to Q PLC (using a S.JREAD instruction). How do I pull data to the Q from the FX3U ? Do I need a Mitsubishi MC Protocol Function Block to do this or can I still use Simple project > ladder logic instructions in GXWorks2? Using the settings you posted - Unpassive - how does the PLC know which destination IP address or port to go and receive the data from (the FX3U at port 20512 in my case) ? Below are the FX3U settings I have set up to communicate through the FX3U-ENET-ADP:        
  11. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    YAY! I got it to work with the QJ71E71-100 Ethernet card too now. Thanks Daniel for all your effort to help! 
  12. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    Thanks Daniel, I got it to work finally! The only thing I changed inside the MES CPU configurator settings was the Base Mode. I changed it from Auto to Detail, which I have no idea what that does. 
  13. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    I'll need to check on the link parameter error, but I doubt I still have that since I don't have the Ethernet card in the rack anymore. That would be great to have a multi-cpu configuration, but what do you mean change the 2nd CPU type? How do you specify the type of CPU?  I'm thinking it all has to do with setting up the MES module settings to match the CPU parameters, but I could be wrong.
  14. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    @collinsd70 - The above failed. I was successful in creating a program with just the PLC in the rack, but once I tried to add the MES module as a 2nd PLC, both the CPU and MES module faulted. I think I matched the parameters/settings, but it still won't work. The MES module takes up 2 slots in the rack, but I'm not sure how to specify that in the multiple CPU settings. 
  15. Error Setting up QJ71MES96US

    Thanks @collinsd70. I will try to run the rack with the bar essentials and gradually add modules like you said. That is great advice, thank you! When I get a chance I will upload the manual if I don't have much success in setting it all up. Thanks again. I will update later with my progress.