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  1. Hi , I need to read encoder value on PLC / module QD62E and those value to be seen on the HMI , can anyoune tell me how to do it in to PLC in order that encoder start counting ?
  2. C252 counter

    Dear Kaarent , it not working ... to the d4 and 5 it shows me only  this line --------  
  3. C252 counter

    Thanks kraykov , this works well . Another question ? how can i put decimal after point for example 123.20  so encoder count shows me only 12345 ?
  4. decimal after point for FN2n PLC

    Dear Member , I have programed high speed counting via PLC FX2n using code c252 , but it shovs me decimal like 23545 , so question is how can i make number to have decimal after point example 123.20 ?
  5. C252 counter

    I have created everything right on counting value with C252  but i need when the proced dooes to end the value on C252 to be default liked 1543 when i use command [RST C252] the value goes to 0 , so how can i make it 1543 ?
  6. Am trying to make move arm to specific position which is controlled by encoder and PLC FX2n . am using C251 to count from X000 and X001 for A/B . 1.can anyone help me to calibrate position for example if i move arm 100mm on the PLC i need to see valu 100 . 2. if C251 value is les than 5 , Set Y000 .