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  1. Redlion HMI page control from micrologix 1500 plc

    Thank you so much. I have found time to try this out. It works great like this. I understand more about the complex code now. Like old basic commands. The examples you gave were dead on perfect for what I needed. Will have to read more that I understand more. Thanks Again so much.
  2. Redlion HMI page control from micrologix 1500 plc

    Not to familar with complex code. I am not a code writer but have done some 25 years ago. So basically I know nothing. I write ladder logic and have done alot of HMI work but used to Panel View and Cmore both offer a way to select page and know what page the HMI has in the PLC. In you Post where you mention "GotoPage()" should I place for example"n7_50" in the "()"? Where N7_50 is my tag to a Interger in my plc that represents the page.  Well I am only guessing here. I had some other things I was taken care of here so Almost forgot to check in today. Thank You  
  3. Have a red lion HMI G306A connected to a micrologix 1500 plc. Communication working. I want to be able to change screen through plc as well as have plc be able to read what acreen is active. Had an old panel view hooked up and can use an integer to do this one for active screen and one for screen change called for from plc. Thanks for the help on this.