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  1. B&R

    Hello  I am having B&R hmi PP41 and PVI TRANSFER TOOl. I need to upload the backup and also i have communication module. I want to know the cable pin out for pc to hmi communication and also method for communication. Dip switches are in my hmi. Is any changes are done in the dip switches fro uploading the project. Pls rply me.
  2. Panelview Plus 600 problem

    i am using firmware 5.10. for reloading firmware i need to go to configure screen. but i have 30 watch dog test stuck in booting screen.
  3. Panelview Plus 600 problem

    Hello      I have panelview plus 600 hmi showing 30 watch dog test error. I searched the error in manual it says reload the firmware. but i need to go to the configure screen to set ip address then only hmi gets communicate and then i can able to load the firmware. How to reset the error?
  4. FUJI

    hello           I am having fuji ug221h-le4 hmi software v-sft5. I cant able to communicate pc with hmi. what is the pin detail for communication cable? How to take backup from the Hmi.
  5. pv 600

    AB CAT 2711-T6C5L1 SER B REV F FRN 4.46 this is my panel view catalog number. 
  6. pv 600

    hello  I had another problem in pv 600 it shown 31 error. I read the manual that is stuck touch. I remove the touch and again it showing 31 error and i also change the new touch it again showing 31 error. how to solve the problem. Pls help me.
  7. Panelview Plus 600 problem

    hello ,i have a panel view plus 600 in this him i can try to communicate with pc via serial port but isn't not communicate .plse tell me the detail how to communicated serial port via PC .
  8. wincc flexible

    Hi I am using wincc flexible 2008 sp3 to communicate with op77a. i write one tag in wincc flexible and transfer it to op77a. but when i try to communicate it with plc. It doesn't communicate with plc. I checked that address of the HMI and PLC are also same but it doesn't communicate. What is the problem? How to solve this?
  9. pv 600

    hello I have another problem in pv 600. When i download the program using panel builder 32 i had an error that showing Error 4003: Terminal destination memory error and in my display it shown file write access error. I cant able to download the program. what can i do to rectify the problem?
  10. Restoring PV 600 Plus Communications

    THANK U  for ur reply
  11. compact logix-l23e

    Hi I have compact logix l23e-qb1b  plc. In my plc run, i/o, ok, batt,Dcho all showing status red led on. when i connect the compact logix l23e with pc am using ethernet cable no indication is showing in LNK and NS and also MS red led on. later some time  all red status will come to green status.that time cpu get communicated but doesn't show the symbol of cpu only shows yellow question mark. after 2 to 3 seconds it again goes to red status and communication cut. what is the prblm? what can i do for rectify it?  
  12. Restoring PV 600 Plus Communications

    kaiser_will   thank u for ur replay,    I replaced the touchscreen front face,but this fault is coming again.and the prior to the failure of the him  touch curse move to up and down ,so i check this is  touch problem is there but this is not a touch  problem after i replaced the touch confirmation. 
  13. pv 600

    Thank u for the reply, I find the solution i changed dallas DS9034pcx. It worked out. Thank u once again.
  14. Restoring PV 600 Plus Communications

    hi everyone , i have allen-bradley pvplus 600 hmi ,this hmi coming  the error is 3a Stuck touch. i have tried to replace the new touch but this fault not clear coming again the problem,but i am confirm touch is good the problem is pv600 plus board ,plse anyone give an idea   
  15. pv 600

    Hi      I have a pv 600 display. I had the problem 32 error. That is real time clock test error . I change the dalllas but the problem still retain and my application also corrupted. i ill update the firmware but the fault remains the same. how to rectify it? what  is the solution for the prblm?