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  1. Protocols allowed by PDS Compact 500

    Hello, Thanks for your answer. To the best of my knowledge this is their website: however I can't find any mention of the RTU device inside. I got some data from articles such as this one (see abstract): It mentions DNP3 and I saw another speaking about MODBUS, thus I was wondering if these protocols were the only ones implemented on the device or if others were present (e.g.: OPC, probably not OPC-UA since it was in 2000). Regards
  2. Hello, I am studying the consequences of the Maroochy Shire water spill and it seems that the RTU attacked were HWT PDS Compact 500. I have a hard time finding any specifications online and I would mainly like to know which protocol(s) can they communicate with (MODBUS, DNP3, etc). Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot in advance