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  1. Which PLC for my application

    Many thanks for the ICPDAS suggestion. At the moment, I am leaning towards RaspberryPi Monaco HAT REX software external PWM driver pcbs It won't as look elegant as a PLC solution, but looks to be workable.    
  2. Hi I'm not familiar with all the suppliers of PLCs so thought it better to ask for some advice given the following description of my requirements.... 0.  Run off 12v~14v          Vehicle application 1.  2x temp inputs 2.  3x pwm outputs.   Capable of driving fans upto 15A each 3. Timer function 4. Voltage input.          Detect when supply voltage is too low to drive all fans 5.  Reasonably small/compact 6.  One of the fans has to be driven in either direction. (Both)   can anyone suggest a plc solution ?     thks.