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  1. I'm sorry guys to take space here with such a basic problem but I'm a bit confused by the I/O Instruction Timing table that I found in the manual (see the pic please). Basically, I always thought that the status of the individual bits will be reflected in the program just after the I/O refresh, that is the PLC will check the physical inputs, copy them into the image memory and use them (update) in the following scan. But by looking at the table, it's not apparently true. I can see that in case of B1, after the I/O refresh there is a full scan where the B1 is still OFF and it come ON only the scan +1. Only when I use the (!)  then in works the way I thought it should work even with a simple contact. Can someone explain to please why there is the full scan gap?    
  2. GOT 1155 won't communicate through USB port

    I've just tested another screen of the same type and the USB communication works. It seems that the 1st screen has the USB port faulty. Does anybody know if I can swap the particular part of the HMI that takes care of USB? BTW, I've heard I can read and write to the PLC connected to the screen with 422 through the USB port connected to the laptop. Can I do the same if the laptop is connected to the screen through 232 port and not with USB?
  3. GOT 1155 won't communicate through USB port

    Might it be because my Windows are 64 bit?
  4. GOT 1155 won't communicate through USB port

    I've tried to install the stuff from Easysocket folder but windows has decided that "the best driver is already installed".. :( What should actually be in the device manager instead of "unknown device" when the suitable driver is found?
  5. Hello guys, I'm trying to connect my laptop with GT1155 with USB cable and it won't establish the communication. In my win7 64 bit system, there is "unknown device" label in the device manager. It seems that my windows can't see the HMI. Do I need a special driver for it? If I try to update the driver through the driver manager, it won't find anything..
  6. Hello guys, when I try to write to the PLC I keep getting message "insufficient memory" every time after I do some modifications. I have to save the program, close GX works 2, open it again and then I can send it to the PLC. I run it on Win XP. Do you have any idea why this is happening?
  7. Hello guys. I have a machine with the above mentioned PLC and I have FPWIN Pro 7. I just need to investigate (monitor) the program to find a certain condition for a servo command. I don’t have any previous experience with this PLC and FPWIN environment. First of all, after uploading the program, it is displayed in structured list (ST) and not in ladder logic (LD) which I’m used to. Is it possible to switch it to LD? I can’t find such an option there. If not, is there any guide I could quickly “get my bearings”? I couldn’t even find out how to switch on something like device monitor. Where is this feature hidden? When I uploaded the program and wanted to switch on the monitor mode, a message popped up saying something about an “old version” and if I want to convert (or compile?) it. When I agreed it said there were some mistakes in the process. Any help appreciated.
  8. I think I've figured it out. And you've nailed it as well. I've made a new communication cable from an old PS/2 mouse  cable(surprisingly the same round pinout) and the other end I've chopped off from something else, soldered together and voila, it works. Thanks all of for your help and time. The old cable must have faulty the serial connector end. When I tested the conductivity, my testing probes were either thicker or longer than the male pins on my laptop 232 and that's why it seemed to be ok.
  9. Is this com1 setting correct?
  10. I don't think I'm making a mistake in this part. As you can see on the pic, if I try to use the red serial cable, I choose com 1 and when I add the USB adapter to the cable, I choose com 5. But I keep getting the communication error.
  11. Thanks for your effort to help me. I've tried 2 laptops with serial ports, 2x GOT 1020 screens a still no communication between PC and the screens. I've checked (buzzed) the cable according to the pic I've googled (bellow) and the cable seems OK. I've actually managed to connect and download a program for the screen ONES last week (through the USB adapter I think). But after that, I can''t connect again any more. Does it make any sense? Could the USB program download somehow messed up the screen settings?
  12. I have 2 types of 1020 available, the difference is in the power supply. One needs 5V via the PLC cable, the other one needs 24V. I can't communicate with either of them. The cable I'm using between GOT and PC (the one the pic) should be the correct one. A college told me that he used it some time ago and it worked. Though there is no manufacture label on the cable so I don't know what type it is. But it's not the PLC programing cable because the pins on the round connector are different.
  13. I'm trying to connect my laptop with GOT 1020. I get communication error message saying I should check cable, port etc. I've checked everything and I can't find anything wrong. I have a serial cable with usb adapter cable attach to it. I've tried both USB connection and serial port in my old laptop but still the same. The GTD 3 offers me com 5 and I tried to change the speed of communication but with no success. Do you have any suggestions please?