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  1. Hi. This regards ventilation. A room has two air inlet dampers (pretty much like a big air valve in a ventilation duct). Only one is used at a time to regulate temperature in the room, and the other is then closed. When switching the inlet of air from one damper to another; i have not decided what method to use yet. I consider splitting the regulator output in two and let the one damper ramp down to this value, and the other ramp up.  When these values are reached one ramps up to the full regulator output and the other to zero. Not quite sure this is the best solution, and the code is not written yet :) Anyone done anything similar or has suggestions? Cheers!
  2. Gx Works 2 MELSOFT Library?

    Thanks. The thing is that i had to run next to the bicycle. So to speak. The project contained an old plc-system that I modified for it to work with a new test scenario. Timeline was short so that when I got IFM working it was "too late". The test had to be started and i reverted to the old software version which contained the old "writing hex-values to register business". Instead i was trying to "on the fly" create a gliding average function and do an online change. But in the end the test was completed, albeit with a stuttery load cell value, and equipment was put in warehouse again. Next time I'll use IFM only :)
  3. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    WSFLP i am having trouble replacing though. Considered SFTBL but it's no good.
  4. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    Thanks! Opened it now!  
  5. Gx Works 2 MELSOFT Library?

    Correct. My mistake. Funny function... Anyway, i followed the steps described here for installing Q68A_V100-fbs. Instead of acting like the pdf, gxworks wants me to point to a SUL-file. Which i dont have. Can be worked around by finding the sample project installed. Am i doing it wrong? Cheers
  6. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    Sure. But the blocks were locked. Downloaded mitsubishis blocks instead. System Q - GX Works2 - Analog - q68ad_GW2_simple_v100a_e  
  7. Gx Works 2 MELSOFT Library?

    How did you solve it? Mine is greyed out too.
  8. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    Great. I have imported it. But how do you suggest it could be adapted for GX? WSFL is missing for GX, and MEANP_M is called something else. RI
  9. Rolling / Gliding average in GX Works 2

    Top! I've logged in with my account and am browsing through the catalog. Do you have any idea what the package is called? Cheers
  10. Rolling / Gliding average in GX Works 2

    Im using Q68ADV analog in module. A FB would be nice, but learning how to to the BFM-piece would also be interesting. R-I
  11. Rolling / Gliding average in GX Works 2

    I am using Q03. I found that the function could be used easily with IFM, intelligent function module. I have a project though which is running without IFM. How to use it with this setup i dont know. Still possible? Cheers
  12. Hello. Can anyone tell me if there is a function for this in gxworks2? I want to even a jumpy analog signal. I am aware there is a MEAN-function, but that needs me to feed an array of buffered analog values to it. Which I am not familiar with how to do. Cheers
  13. Rolling Average / exponential smoothing

    Hello. Nine years later. Was there a finished code to share? I am trying to set up the same function in gxworks2. Cheers
  14. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Funny. Just did a download with the same program. Now it works fine from the start. Perhaps related to the fact that a reset makes the refresh work... Cheers!
  15. Convert project from Developer or not?

    Hmm. In the IFM monitor i do get a correct signal value for channel 5. It's is somehow the transfer to D501 that i have done wrong.