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  1. RS5000-Firmware Not correct

    I appreciate all the input I am downloading the version I need now I'm glad I didn't update the plc firmware before reading a little first I have seen where others have talked about wiping their programs and that would be a long ending day for sure. Its definite that I need either a external or a new main i'm going to weigh my options on that one. I have cx-one, sysmac studio, robot studio(abb),rs500, rs5000(i'm going to try and get most of the versions after this), alot of different printer software, keyence vision systems software...ect... its getting a little tight lol
  2. RS5000-Firmware Not correct

    So do I need to install the entire software again? Reason I'm asking is its like 2G and didn't want to take up most of my hard drive ... I have a friend that has rs5000 and his has 2 differnet versions when it boots up and in his (about) under the firmware version is shows like 5 different firmware versions. My rs5000 just has version 20.5 on bootup and a firmware of 20v and 32v so your saying I need to install rs5000 version 30.01.02? I've never had to deal with anything like this I have always used omron .... and occasional rs500.  
  3. RS5000-Firmware Not correct

    I am having some trouble connecting to a 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B. Granted I just installed RS5000 Version 20.5 I have never connected with it before. I set up a driver in Links and connect to the plc and when I open Rs5000 and go to upload it says that firmware in the plc is not supported by the software... Its says that the plc has a 30.11 firmware... I don't really want to have to upgrade and downgrade everytime I connect to a different Plc.. what do I need to do? I tried going online and downloading the 30.11 firmware from the rockwell site but when i went to upgrade it in rs5000 it said it was going to upgrade the plc from 30.11 to 30.11.27.....So I didn't go through with it..
  4. Can not set a password

    That was it ktuncan thanks for the help buddy owe you one 
  5. Can not set a password

    All, I have had something go wrong with my cx-designer. I was building a hmi project and using command buttons to switch between screens. I have always had the option to select a password in the command button properties. For some reason I don't have that option on it anymore. I was programming on a ns15 and thought it was just that hmi for some reason like a version problem but I pulled some old programs that I have set passwords on certain features and low and behold still no option. Have I clicked something? If nothing else how do I reset my default with out running a restore through cx-one. Also i will mentions its not just the password tab I only have 3 tabs on my properties and its just apperance and label tabs any help is appreciated.
  6. communication plc to hmi

    I am using a omron cj2m plc with a ns touchscreen I have set these up with a switch via ethernet ip but I am not wanting to use a switch on this particular project (from plc to hmi one ethernet cable) from my understanding it has to be a different cable other than a (standard A) cable can some one give me pinout on a cable that will work with what I am doing.  Thanks in advance.
  7. Can't connect with serial USB connection

    I got it I needed to download a 64 bit driver for my serial converter thank you guys so much it's great to have a place where we can learn from one another 
  8. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    Micheal Walsh do you have any screen shots of the cx integrator and tips I am not having luck defining the network 
  9. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    Okay thank you I did as crossbow said and took the serial host off and my hmi is not alarming out for the host being timed out and my program is showing on my hmi now. The problem now is my push buttons are not showing on cx programmer when I push them in on the hmi I changed a couple things here is my ip's  plc node 1  hmi node 1 is there something else I need to set up?
  10. Function blocks

    Thank you this was very helpful 
  11. Can't comm Plc and hmi

    I am new at this I have  and ns 8 v2 hmi and a cj2m Plc I have connected the Ethernet cable to the Plc and to the hmi I uploaded the program to the hmi from cx designer and uploaded my Plc program my Plc ip is and I set my hmi to 192.168.250. 2 when I set the serial a and b port to none it says check connection error and. When I set the serial a and b port to something else it says connecting at the bottom right of the screen I have never had to do this before please help I'm a newbie on this
  12. Function blocks

    I am starting a new journey trying to learn about writing structured text style function block if anyone has any information on some simple programs I could try or some do or don'ts I have never done one before I've watched some videos but really don't get the concept I appreciate all your input in advance
  13. Can't connect with serial USB connection

    Okay tried the keyspan I now have the option for serial on com 4 but I have no comm light on my Plc but the keyspan is blinking 
  14. How to operate devices with 220 acv power supply?

    I'm with them I would defiantly wire the output to a relay coil with a normally open leg of 220v if your output burns out regarding to the amperage of the fan that's more aggravating to deal with for me than swapping out a relay
  15. Can't connect with serial USB connection

    I just bought this computer and cx programmer so I could have my own instead of just learning at work but I am not having any luck connecting with serial I have the basic driver that was in my computer I'm not for sure what's going on there is a solid comm light on every Plc I go to connect with using this set up