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  1. Problems like this are why I usually use RTD's instead of thermocouples.  
  2. Beginner PLC Project

    I would start with the Automation Direct Click.  Prices start at $69 and software is free.  
  3. Interlaced MOV Instruction

    If this is RS500, the OTE does not energize the actual output until the end of the scan.  RS5000 can be any time.
  4. The error shown is because the MOV needs to be in the far right position.
  5. RSLogix 5000

    Try this:  From the Desktop, Right click on the 5000 icon, select "Open as Administrator".  This should only be necessary the first time after an install and activation.
  6. PLC Training

    To expose students to PLC concepts and ladder logic, I would recommend the Click from Automation Direct.  Low cost, free software, and training videos available.  However, at some point you will need to use the brand and model(s) that students will be using, either in programming or troubleshooting.  I do 3 day classes through our local community college.
  7. MR

    V memory is similar to the Integer (ex. N7) files,  K implies a Constant, such as directly entering a timer Preset value. AD timers also allow the Preset to automatically reference a V memory location, such as one assigned to an HMI number entry function.   C is control relay, or Bit (B3) as used in AB.
  8. Automation Direct also has fantastic customer support  
  9. PLC control of Work Instructions

    Vetra Systems make encoders that will allow your plc outputs to emulate a PC Keyboard .