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  1. Multiple Load Cells

    From  You can find what you want
  2. Now, divide each weight reading by the weight of its test materials and multiply it with 100, and determine the rate of accuracy of the load cell at each weighing process. And if the inaccuracy falls between 0.2 to 0.5, and the Load cells for sale is calibrated. It can be determined by another method, place a test material at one corner and the sample at another corner of the loading plate, take readings, repeat this for all the 4 corners and make a note of readings. If all the readings are equal, if not you have your load cell calibrated. If you are looking for the best load cells online, get them only from This is the online mega store for all authentic engineering goods like generators, water pumps, drill bits etc.   Barrel lifter scales Force Measurement: A minimal amount of force is applied to the mechanical system, which transfers the applied force to the strain gauge, which is basically a flexible aluminum foil connected to a Wheatstone bridge network. This Wheatstone network is the device that the strain gauge uses to turn a certain amount of strain into electric outcome. Essentially, the mechanical system and strain gauge are used to turn a force into an electrical output. Electric output is usually very small, so it is amplified using a form of electrical amplification and which is done through integrated circuit or transistor. The electrical outcome is calculated and the connected to a computer algorithm. The algorithm uses the amount of electricity to tell how much minimal force was applied to the load cells. Find the best load cells online only on Steel Sparrow (,) which is the best online megastore for all kinds of engineering goods at affordable price.