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  1. You'll want to use Omron's Host Link communications protocol. Here is a link to a VB utility: For details on the Host Link protocol, do a search for Cat.No.W342 (Communications Commands Reference Manual). they are referred to as "C-Mode Commands".  
  2. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

      See my post in this thread. Is this the function you are looking for?
  3. NA Screen Multi-Line Alarm Message

    Use a Label instead of the User Alarms Viewer. If you really want to use it then remove any unwanted columns and resize the Message column and font size to fit your text to one line. This is the method I've used.
  4. "Unusual" use of a shift register

    You do not need a physical PLC for simulation. I've heard of some simulator issues in the past. Make sure you have the latest CX One updates. There are a few methods for running the simulator. With the program open in CX Programmer, choose Simulation from the menu then Work Online Simulator. This is the simplest method to test PLC code only.
  5. Hyperlinks were broken at this website some time ago. Moderators can fix them upon request. Here is the link in the mean time.
  6. NT31C Upload Problem

    Yes, it needs to be in Transmit Mode. Section 6 explains the System Menu in detail. Section 6-3-3 explains how to access the System Menu.
  7. "Unusual" use of a shift register

    This is not very intuitive but it does work. As gtsuport says, use the watch window. In addition, copy this section into a new program and run the simulator. The picture below shows the program in Step mode. It is paused  just before executing the Shift. The key point to understand is that the Always OFF does NOT turn H2.00 OFF. It only supplies the data to be shifted in at the Rising Edge of 16.01 which will always be zero. Because 16.01 Sets the data and shifts it, you will not see H2.00 turn ON in real time.  
  8. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    Here is an FCS Calculator at Mr PLC's downloads section. The manual that want to reference is the CS/CJ Communications Commands Reference Manual W342. You'll want to use Host Link protocol for RS232 communications. FINS is used for Ethernet.
  9. Trouble with expansion CP1W

    I assumed it would show because of the I/O table. Thanks for the information.
  10. Trouble with expansion CP1W

    This is correct. CX Programmer does not know if it is a physical address or internal because the CP series PLCs do not require an I/O Table. (I/O is 'plug and play'). Notice the project tree does not contain the item, "IO Table and Unit Setup". The only exception in the CP series is the CP1H.
  11. Need to Origin a Stepper Motor

    There are many ways to origin your stepper. What method are you attempting? What are your operands in your ORG(889) instruction?
  12. FactoryTalk SE Visibility Question

    {[PLC]Test_DINT} < 3 Notice the brackets. The only bug would be the 'Check Syntax' returns 'Valid' when it is not.
  13. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Apparently it has been too long ago for me. I just looked up that old project. Michael is correct. He usually is!
  14. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    I know of no other method to translate than to do as you are doing. One by one. To switch then languages, go to Edit > IO Comment. Here you can input up to 16 different comments for each address. Use the 'Switch' button to set your Display Target. Are you sure the SCU41-V1 has a program in it? What is connected to it? Is it using a custom protocol? The settings are stored with the CX Programmer project. Be sure to chose 'Unit Setup' then 'Transfer[Unit to PC]. If the system is utilizing a custom protocol then it was developed using CX Protocol. CX Integrator will be used to upload/download, to/from the SCU-41-V1. I haven't done this in a very long time. When I did, I called an Omron expert to help me with the procedure. I'm sure someone here can help if it is necessary.
  15. CJ1M-CPU13-ETN Connection Issue

    Thanks for the feedback. Did you use FINS/Ethernet or Serial connection?