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  1. Change password for Level

    If you wish to store the password STRING in the PLC, then yes. You can change the STRING from the PT. You'll just need to use a String Display & Input object. You can also choose to display "*" for the input characters so that it works just like a typical password dialog.
  2. Help with structures

    The PLC requires [x]. The NA requires (x) as per DotNet rules. In the future, please start a New Topic in the forums.
  3. Change password for Level

    It appears you may be able to change the Level dynamically. I have never used this function. Sorry I don't have more information. Hopefully another forum member can help. I don't believe you can change the actual password though. It may be possible but I don't know how.
  4. Change password for Level

    I don't know of a way to do this with CX Designer's built in password function. I've seen this function many times and most will program their own in the PLC. You can use the Control Flag associated with most objects to Enable/Disable or Display/Hide.
  5. Omron PLC SYSMAC C60H

    I would highly recommend replacing this PLC. Contact your Omron distributor as I'm sure they can get you a copy of Syswin to retrieve your program. Both the PLC and software are obsolete. If you wish to attempt this with LSS, here is a copy from the downloads section here at MrPLC. This is DOS software so if you don't have a really old PC, you may be able to run it in a virtual machine like VMWare or DOSBox.
  6. Display a HEX value as floating

    That's always worth mentioning. I believe this has got to be the most common issue that people have with Omron PLCs. Especially if they have come from AB or any IEC 61131-3 compliant system.
  7. Display a HEX value as floating

    The conversion, no matter how you do it, can happen within one PLC scan. You'll never notice the micro seconds that it take to execute the instructions. If you can, I would do as DanW suggests and change the setting at your Modbus source.
  8. The AT is invalid......But Why!!!!!

    This can be a pain. Try deleting the variable then go to the Variable Mapping and Reset Assignment. Afterwards, Create Device Variable again. I can't seem to recreate the issue. I've seen it mostly with editing Data Types in the PLC.
  9. Can Anyone Identify This Language

    This is correct although CX Programmer will not display the alternate language. Copy & Paste your symbol table into Excel after installing the language on you PC.
  10. CX Designer Generic Popup Faceplate

    Why not perform the indexing in the PLC? For labels (Strings), you can use a Label object then reference by line number from a text file.
  11. NT31C Upload Problem

    There are many reasons for a Time Out Error. Did you verify that your serial port works? Have you performed a loopback test?
  12. Keyence KV-B8XTD beginners question

    1) Right click on [0] KV-7500 from the project tree and select Error Monitor. The manual states the PLC will be switched automatically to PROG mode in the case of a serious error. 2) From the Monitor/Simulator menu, select Verify with PLC/synchronize. This will make sure you have a program in the PLC.
  13. Controllogix/factory talk 15 minute logging

    The easiest method is to set up a Data Log Model from the Data Log folder in FactoryTalk View Studio. This will automatically store the data at the interval you choose in the setup. For Excel (or a CSV file), you can download FTViewFileViewer from Rockwell's website. This utility will convert the SE log file to CSV. This is a manual operation.
  14. Keyence KV-B8XTD beginners question

    In the case of the KV-7500, the internal bit memory is "MR" 0 - 399915. See the User's Manual - List of Devices.  
  15. Keyence KV-B8XTD beginners question

    Did you perform a Transfer to PLC? It looks like you have. Perform a Convert (Ctrl + F9) and verify no errors. From the Monitor/Simulator menu, select Unit Monitor and verify the Error Status.