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  1. CJ1M serial communication

    Auto Online can be a bit quirky although it should work fine for default settings. The only settings for it are on that dialog box. After setting DIP switch #5 to ON, the 9 pin serial port settings will be 9600, 7, Even, 2. If you are going to need custom RS232C settings then you'll want to get the programming cable for the Peripheral port for programming.
  2. Using a AD041 and DA041

    The resolution of the DA041 is 4000. Have you tried to move a static value into D20201? To get 5V, try MOV'ing &2000 or (#07D0) into D20201. After that, then you may troubleshoot the wiring. Also, when changing any settings to the Unit Setup, be sure to cycle the power to the PLC. This is a 'gotcha' for many people, including the veterans of this sport.
  3. CJ1M serial communication

    An additional unit is not necessary. You may use the 9 pin serial port on the front of the CPU. Set the Mode to RS-232C. You'll want to use the TXD and RXD instructions. Here are some samples from the downloads section.  
  4. CX Designer-NSRuntime Auto save graphic

    If I understand your request, you can trigger the Save Data Log function using System Memory. The memory you choose can be PT or PLC.
  5. Unexpected file format file translate help

    You may post your file in the forums. A snip from Rockwell Support, Access Level: Everyone: Official Support Windows 7 (64-bit) Studio 5000 v21.00 and greater RSLogix 5000 v16.05 and v19.00 and greater RSLogix 500 v8.40.00 and greater RSLogix 5 v8.00 and greater RSLinx Classic v2.57 or greater Here's the link:  
  6. Using structures in NA5

    I've had this issue in the past. I believe I had to (From the HMI) Reset Variable Mapping, Delete the Data Type, Delete the Variable, then Create Device Variable again. I just tried to recreate the problem and could not. This issue may be fixed as I'm using Version 1.29.2 now. Maybe you should update your software.
  7. The manual is W417. I would suggest downloading the latest version from Omron's website in your region. They may refer to loading the Windows drivers from a CD ROM but they can be found on your PC in C:\Program Files (x86)\OMRON\Drivers\USB\CS1W-CIF31 directory. Make sure your CX One is up to date.
  8. Omron Singapore - Contact Person / Details

    The site is European, not global. Have you tried this contact info?  
  9. [PLC Sample Code] - Range_Fnc

    All of the links in the "Download Comments" forum can be found in the "Downloads" section of MrPLC. The actual links were lost some time ago due to website corruption.
  10. Fork terminals for Mitsu PLS's

    Is this Japanese equipment? You may find just as interesting. Some.... many years ago before internet and smaller companies selling worldwide, we had the same struggles with our Japanese equipment. We would get a limited supply when our associates from across the Pacific would deliver machinery. They were very difficult to purchase then. As petty as it seems, it really made for some nice tidy work especially when adding a considerable amount of I/O.
  11. [NJ501-1300]Changing count mode

    Yes you can. In this example, I'm setting Home with an offset at position 3185.
  12. Fork terminals for Mitsu PLS's

    My friends in Japan like to use these.  I'll bet you'll find dimensions that match the Mitsubishi specs to a tee. The terminals and the tools are very inexpensive as well.
  13. NX1P i/o wiring

    This could be a long discussion with differences of opinion. If the power supplies and all devices are truly isolated then it would not matter because they would never interfere with each other. Right? If the 0vs are not tied together then the supplies could possibly be at different potentials. This could cause a lot of problems if their paths ever crossed even if were just leakage. I would suggest searching the internet if you are interested in more details. I believe the consensus is, yes, tie the 0vs together. It does not defeat the purpose. The supplies voltages will still be separated, they will just share a common reference. That's my opinion.
  14. EIP Commuincation

    This example will give you step by step instructions.
  15. NX1P i/o wiring

    Power isolation is always a good idea. I've actually used 3 separate power supplies on some applications. For this case, I was running 8 servo axis, remote EtherCAT I/O and driving many solenoids and safety devices. One power supply for powering devices, one for inputs and a 3rd for outputs. For medium applications I'll use 2. One for powering devices and inputs. The 2nd one for outputs. For small, low power applications, I'll use 1 power supply. In my opinion, it's not the type of PLC used but more the type of outputs used. If your outputs have a heavy current draw or are heavy with Back EMF, then you'll want to separate them with their own power supply. Yes, I've seen problems. I've seen MCR contactors reboot PLCs when the EStop was activated. I've seen motor contactors reboot PLCs when cycling.