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    I just tested it and it works. Click on the link above, then type "crimson" in the Search field. I'm not able to post the 'already searched' link because it doesn't work that way.
  2. Omron NA panels

    The pipes and motors are Grouped objects of various colors for shading, 3D effects, etc... The Group is made up of simple shapes for the most part where you can change the color of individual shapes. - Add a motor or pipe to a page. - From the View menu, click Page Explorer. This will open in the Multiview Explorer. Look at the Tabs at the bottom. - Select your object (motor or pipe). - Click the arrow next to your object in the Page Explorer. This is expose all the shapes that make up the object. Most of the shapes may have their Color property changed via the Animations Tab. Some of these objects can be very complex and contain a lot of shapes. You'll have to decide if it is worth the effort.
  3. NA-series password change

    Thank you for your contribution! I see this operation requires a USB device. I assume it would perform with an SD card as well(?). I wish the NA5 would allow us to utilize a file in 'Resources' for small text files.
  4. NA-series password change

    You can share a screen shot of your VB code. VB code should be a universal language.
  5. NA-series password change

    That's very nice! Would you care to share your solution with the rest of the forum members?
  6. help with cx programmer instructions

    Using D4099 makes the offset variable so the PLC program can change the location that is writes to dynamically. This is very similar to using the IRs and offsets in the other post.
  7. IR Theory

    Sorry for the Friday night confusion. There are a lot of indirects and offsets going on here. Without seeing the rest of your code, I made up an example. I struggle a bit explaining these. ***EDIT***:  Annotation 3) There are 5 records total in this example. Not 20.
  8. IR Theory

    OK. I apologize as I'm leaning a bit more about this than I thought. The SETR is more complex than I thought. IR12 contains an address that's being pointed to by Table 2, with an offset of the value in DM111. You'll also need to find a DIM(631) instruction that defines the table.
  9. IR Theory

    To answer your question directly, the MOV instruction is moving the value pointed to by IR12 (the value in DM111) into another address pointed to by IR1(The value in ?). Somewhere else in your program you should find a SETR or MOVR to IR1 which sets the address to be pointed to. The 1,IR12 means that on the next execution, the contents of D112 will be written from and so on, as the "1," means increment by 1. Sorry, that's wrong.
  10. Wow, he said, "GPP". A member that doesn't mind showing his age! I didn't realize the GPPs had that function over Medoc. It's interesting what we learn many years later.
  11. IR Theory

    That's something to get you started. It doesn't explain the SETR instruction which I've never used. One note I have is, the PLC Address they are referring to is the PLC's physical address. You don't normally see this nor do you really need to know unless you are troubleshooting something out of bounds. Yes, be careful if you are working on a live process. There is an Omron manual that maps these physical addresses to CIO, H, D, E, etc..., but I don't remember which one.
  12. IR Theory

  13. Sysmac CV1000-V1

    Just for clarification, isn't this cable used for a PC with CX Programmer to talk ToolBus? If he wanted to connect, for example, a barcode scanner in No Protocol mode, wouldn't he need a Host Link unit? It's been a while since I've worked with a CV. Maybe the last time I was in jail.
  14. Sysmac CV1000-V1

    Google Translate:  "Hello. Could someone tell me if there is rs485 or rs232 adapter for cv1000 peripheral port" Omron makes a ToolBus adaptor but I don't know that it will work with the CV series. I know there are forum members here that can confirm this. It looks like you have an empty Slot 00. You could try to find a Host Link Unit that will get you both RS232C and RS485.  
  15. Cpu set clock

    Here is a link with the PLC programming. The NS will be slightly different. In CX Designer, have a look at PT > System Settings, then choose the Initial tab, then System Memory List button. Page through until you find the Time / Date memory. You may have to click the check box to enable that memory.