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  1. Etn021 ip address change problem

    When you change the IP address, you will lose connection because you are configured to connect with the previous module address. Are you sure that it did not change to the new address? Try connecting again with the new address. Alternatively, try connecting via serial port or USB then change the IP address. (You didn't mention the PLC model)
  2. Analog input Omron CPM2 with Syswin 3.4

    So what exactly is holding you up? Do you know the formula? The formula is in the SCL instruction Help section, the manual that gtsuport has provided, or a google search. Try performing it in a spreadsheet first.

    Touch any 2 corners of the NS touch screen simultaneously. This will switch to the system settings screen.
  4. Random Number Generator

    Moderators can fix the links but this one happens to be in the downloads section here at MrPLC.  

    Do you know the comm settings of the screen? Here are some pointers... FINS Source Address 'Network:' is for your PC. Make this different from the NS (FINS Destination Address 'Network'). Mine is usually '0'. I believe NS default Network is '1'. If your communications attempt fails, it takes a long time to respond with a dialog box. For some reason it happens 2 times per attempt. Don't know why. When you finally get the correct settings, the NS may need to reboot before connecting. You may get a dialog box that tells you this. When you get the connection working properly, you can choose to save the settings within the project. Tools > Option > Transfer, then check the box.
  6. I don't see where you have PID_I defined. Is it large enough?    
  7. AD081 change settings via DM parameters

    W345 - Analog I/O Operation Manual An easier method is to use CX Programmer. Double click the IO Table and Unit Setup, then double click the AD081 module. In the Parameters dialog box when you choose the setting, it will show you which memory is being used.
  8. When you change any Settings in the PLC, you must turn the PLC Power OFF then back ON before the new Settings will be effective. RUN Mode and MONITOR Mode allows PLC program execution. In RUN Mode you will not able to write data to DM, T, C, etc... Use MONITOR Mode if you need to write data from PC to PLC.
  9. Nj & CJ1M communication

    Can you replace or add an EIP21 module? My preference would be to use EtherNet/IP. There are some really smart people here that may be able to point you in the direction of a FINS network. I've never done that with an NJ.
  10. In regulated environments, it may be necessary to replace an HMI with the exact code in which it was validated. I know it sounds kind of silly but some regulators are getting very strict about upgrading Firmware.
  11. The CQM1 and the CQM1H have different instruction sets. Your conversion may be OK but I would use the link that Jay has provided. Also as Jay has suggested, Be sure to download the Settings. This is very important because it will set up the RS232 port. After downloading the Settings, cycle power to the PLC.
  12. receiving clocked data

    Do you mean RS232C communications or just pulsing digital I/O? What's the model of your Omron PLC?
  13. NE1A EtherNet/IP Communications

    The Assembly Instance is built into the NE1A. Think of it as a variable that contains predefined information although Network Configurator allows you to choose the information via NE1A settings. This method of EtherNet/IP communication is referred to as Implicit Messaging. I'm not sure why it's not documented in the manual. One of the Omron engineers has produced a document that shows how to set it up with a CJ2.  Since the Assembly Instance is "Input Only", I'm not sure what the 102 is, or if it even matters. The NE1A does have good detailed specifications on Explicit Messaging in the manual. You already have a connection so it should be real easy to use a MSG instruction from the Rockwell side. Just choose CIP Generic then fill in the blanks from the NE1A manual appendix. That's a good learning experience.  
  14. I see the HMI supports SYSMAC(ETHERNET). Is this FINS? If so, then the PLC will need the network configured via CX Integrator. Here is a procedure I use for the older NS screens that don't have EtherNet/IP.  
  15. How are you manipulating the Index_No? If you are changing it in the Controller then have the Controller program do a MOVE to a new (non array) variable.