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    Have a look at the Stack* instructions under "Stack and Table". StackPush is probably close to SQI and StackFIFO is close to SQO.
  2. Cp1h-y - encoder issues.

    Have you looked at section 5-2 of the CP1H Operation Manual (W450)? You'll need to configure Settings for the 'Built In Inputs'. There are 4 channels for HSC, make sure your wiring is correct for the appropriate channel. For channel 0, the pulses will count in memory address A270 - 271.
  3. The SYM file unsupported

    What is the file name and extension that you are trying to open?
  4. Which RSLinx License?

    Call them. Rockwell Activation support is free.
  5. Just do a copy & paste from the Symbol Table to Excel. This will work if you have both languages installed on your Windows machine. You may have to format the text to get the translator to understand.
  6. I've done this before with Japanese characters in Excel. As Crossbow mentioned, you only have one language installed in CX Programmer. You can export the garbled characters then open in Excel with both languages installed.
  7. Up And Down Counter In Omron PLC CP1E

    You'll get more responses in the Omron section of this forum. Have you looked at CNTR/CNTRX instruction?
  8. Does anyone know how to control the LEDs on the Function Keys? The only way I've found to turn them ON is to physically press them. The software manual only describes the Press function and the Instruction Reference only describes the EnableInputOperation function.
  9. I thought the same thing at first. His variable is global. After commenting it in one program, the comments did not show up in another program. (See image with option unchecked). Checking the option above makes the comments appear in all programs.   AngryRobot, I believe the alternative is to edit the comments in the Global Variables section first. If they are edited from the Externals section then they only apply to that program (which you found was your problem).
  10. To my knowledge, it is not default. I checked it before snapping this screen shot. Be aware, when I checked it, I lost my existing comments. If you have a lot of them you may want to perform an export or save a backup project.
  11. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    You can transfer all your programs from PC to PC easily. Look in C:\OMRON\Data\Solution. The files are very cryptic but each folder is a Sysmac Studio project. If you want to select specific projects, you can open the folder then view the *.manifest file. A little time consuming but effective.  
  12. rounding a value to nearest 10

  13. rounding a value to nearest 10

    What screen are you using? If it is only for display, the NS screens will round the value automatically to the number of digits shown. FYI... the NS screens will also scale for you.
  14. TrendGraph (Data Logging)

    Yes, you can. I found it doesn't work in the simulator. The values appear static. Have you tried in a real NA5?