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    You Input Range and Output Range is set at a value of (4: 12 Bits). 12 Bits will limit you to a decimal value of &4095. In your program You MOV the value #494 to D55. Setting it to #595 will up your limit to &8191.
  2. AR1612 cqm1h error

    Is this the same problem as the other posts? Are you using the Memory Card? If so, what happens if you remove the Memory Card then cycle power to the PLC?
  3. Do you have the "CV-5001 Series User's Manual"? Chapter 7 explains the setup including choosing "PLC Link" mode and PLC type. Chapter 10 outlines controlling the system and outputting data with examples. Let us know exactly what you are having trouble with.
  4. Keyence Ladder builder software

    The old KV may or may not be supported with the new software (KV Studio). The newer KV will. It wouldn't hurt to download a trial version and give it a try. Go to their Downloads section and do a search for "KV Studio". It'll be in the list below the Updates. "Trial KV Studio Software". When you try to connect to the PLC the software will tell you if it's not supported. If that doesn't work then get set up with Virtual Machine software like VMware or Oracle VM VirtualBox. You can run older operating systems like XP. Make a copy or clone of your OS. Then if your software goes awry then you can just delete it and start over. Troubleshooting Ladder Builder will be a real pain. It's actually 16 bit software using a Windows Shell. I believe it was designed for DOS then they just created a shell for it to run it on Windows 95 and 98. It's horrible. Also, try Keyence again. You are correct their PLC's are not supported in the US but they do sell and give limited support on the small Visual KV series. There are some people near the Philadelphia area that may be able to help. The Keyence guys (here) should be able to point you in their direction. Where are you located?
  5. What is the part number of the Omron Ethernet Module? Do you have to use PLC LINK? Ethernet/IP may be a better solution.
  6. version incompatible

    Have you tried the Omron Automation Software Auto Update on the destination PC? Depending on how old the version is, updates should be freely downloaded. Next option would be to store the program on a Memory Card then restore on destination PLC.
  7. Download program to Memory card

    You need to successfully write to the Memory Card first. I've seen programming tools in the past fill ladder with NOPs. I don't think that's abnormal. Download your program then make sure no Fatal Error exists before turning on AR14.00.
  8. Download program to Memory card

    I'm assuming you read the instructions in W364, section 3-11-3. Check that it is not Write Protected. Verify AR1302 is OFF. I see it is in Program Mode but check the Settings and make sure it is not set to Start Up in 'Run' or 'Monitor'. I believe default should be Use 'Programming Console'. Settings > Startup tab > Mode. I don't believe that should be a problem since there is no battery. The capacitor inside the PLC is a very strong one that will retain data for a long time.  
  9. This is very interesting. Would you be willing to share your work when you are successful? We have (maybe 30 or so) Q Series PLCs that we will be sending data to a single Control Logix. Our tentative solution is use an AnyBus CC Link to EtherNet/IP gateway.
  10. I would have to refer to the CQM1H Programming Manual. Have you looked at it? Be sure to find the CQM1H manual and not the CQM1 as they are very different CPUs.
  11. CP1L problems, Negativ temperature

    Omron Data Types in the C Series are very rudimentary. The &65535 tells me you are getting a Signed Integer (INT) from the module. (I didn't read the specs for the card. I'm assuming). There are 2 things to consider when programming. 1)  How are you interpreting (viewing) the data? In the toolbar there are icons to click to view the data in 3 different forms. Decimal, Signed Decimal and Hex. (See the images below). Hex is the only true form. What you see is what you get. If you know what the data should look like in raw memory then this is the method to determine it. Once you know the type then you can click on Signed or Unsigned to make it easier for the brain. 2)  How are you treating the data? The instruction you choose will determine how it will be executed. There are different instructions for Signed and Unsigned. When inputting constants, take note of the syntax. Preceding a "#" will denote Hex or BCD. A "&" will denote Decimal. To input a negative Decimal just precede a "-". Omron has a lot of BCD instructions. I stay clear of them since the CPUs have become more powerful. Omron still has them for backward compatibility reasons. When you get to the PID section, see if the information above will help you. I'm no expert on PID but I've read it is much easier to use the PIDAT instruction. Post back with any questions. There are many here that can help you. ***EDIT for clarity*** Note that viewing the data differently does not change its execution. D2 is 'Less Than' -2 in both images.
  12. Panel View Plus 7 - Image Display

    Use a Multistate Indicator. Assign an Integer value to an Analog tag for each of your images (if you haven't already). Then in the Multistate Indicator, Connections tab, set your tag. In the States tab set the Image and corresponding Integer value.
  13. Series Output Instructions

    From left to right, top to bottom, each will execute and complete.
  14. You were clear enough. I was responding to Bruno1 with a situation were a control transformer would be required.
  15. Urgent help CS1 CPU Stop

    This does not sound correct. Cycle Time Error is a Non Fatal Error. CPU will not stop. (Error light will flash red) As Bob said, a Bus Error is a Fatal Error and will stop the CPU. (Error light is solid red). All outputs will go OFF.