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  1. Does Omron CP1E support Ethernet/IP?

    CP1E does not support EtherNet/IP.  
  2. CJ2 Omron PLC support absolute or symbolic adress?

    No. The CJ2 will support EtherNet/IP with either Addresses or Symbols.
  3. subtracting the real value

    You should show us what is not working.
  4. problem with keyence

    Are you able to "Verify with PLC"?
  5. [Utilities] - Backup Tool for Keyence PLC

    This is the link. I make no claims to it function. I've never used it.
  6. What happens if you try to put it in Monitor Mode? I don't know the answer but it may be helpful to let the forum know the full part number of the CP1L. Also, do you have and expansion modules or option modules attached? How are you connected? (Ethernet, Serial, USB)
  7. I was going to test this yesterday but didn't have time. Very innovative thinking innoaloe! Thanks for testing Daethl! I wanted to do something similar some time ago. The other issue that stopped me was, the NJ can create CSV files but not XLS. The NA5 can read XLS but not CSV.
  8. RSLinx ethernet IP driver with Red Mark

    This post is more than 2 years old.
  9. Scale Encoder Reading to 0 to 359

    You're welcome. In this case it is fairly easy because the minimum value for Input and Output are both Zero. If you need to do more complex scaling then you may choose to use a custom Function Block. There are a couple of them in the Downloads section of this forum.  
  10. Scale Encoder Reading to 0 to 359

    Annotation number 2 should read, "Scale the REAL Encoder value..."
  11. CIP betwen CJ2M and NS8 HMI

    Do you know the communications are set to EtherNet/IP? It may be set to FINS protocol.
  12. plc software

    Why don't you try a Rockwell Automation distributer? Prices may vary depending upon your volume. RSLinx will be included with either FactoryTalk View ME or RSLogix 500.  
  13. Your on the right track. The PV programs will need to have an ID corresponding to the room it is controlling. This will be a setting from the PV. Then use the visibility animation as suggested above.   As for the starting screen, set a tag in the PV program in 'Global Connections' - 'Display' - 'Remote Display Number'. Give each Display a unique number under 'Display Settings' - 'Display Number'. Then in the PLC, write the screen number if the screen ID equals 'x'.
  14. Heater control

    See if the second post in this thread makes sense.  
  15. Panasonic FPWIN GR o FPWIN PRO

    Since no one else has responded, I will suggest what I've experienced. I had a similar issue with FPWIN. It turned out the PLC was originally programmed with an older programming package. I don't remember the name. FPWIN was not compatible but you could upload with some errors (I don't remember the errors). Then you could download with FPWIN and the program (PLC) would be updated. After that you can make whatever changes you wish. If I were you, I would call tech support to confirm the errors you are getting. My experience with their tech support was good.