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  1. SCADA

    Helloo Mr. Kaiser_will and thanx for replay The problem happened when someone changed the Ethernet sockets on the switch .The Ethernet module program ( Network Enable Administrator ) helped me to know the Ethernet Modules IP but the error still exist . I think I should configure the PLC with  Ethernet module by Gx Developer ... but I don't know how !!     Untitled.pdf
  2. SCADA

    Hi I have the same problem the Scada system give errors .. there is 3 winches ... each one controlled by plc through a fiber optics cable and serial to ethernet converter
  3. Helloo We have a Scada system controls 5 winches ... each winch is controlled by mits PLC FX2n connected to serial to Ethernet converter ( Moxa NE4100) via Fx485bd , Does anyone know how to configure the NE4100 ( Nport ) to the PLC Thank you Yasser