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  1. RJ71EIP91

    Hi, I know that the RJ71EIP91 module is a new module, but does anyone know anything about it? When I am using the Configuration Tool, I keep getting "Impossible to Communicate with Module" Cheers
  2. Protocol GX Works3

    Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to transfer data between a FX PLC and an iQ-R PLC using MC Protocol or SLMP?  If so, how can this be done?  An example would be very helpful. Cheers
  3. FTP File Transfer

    Hi, I am able to write a FTP file to the R PLC, but I am unable to read the file back from the PLC. The data that I will be transferring via FTP will be information coming from a server. How that makes sense. Thanks
  4. FTP File Transfer

    Hi, I'm wondering how to set up a FTP file transfer in GXWorks3 for an iQ-R PLC? Many Thanks
  5. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    Brilliant. Thanks very much for the help. Absolute Pro!
  6. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    So how am I able to take that Hex value and use it for my Remote IP Address in the Modbus TCP Client FB? I have created my own FB with the Modbus TCP Client within  
  7. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    I am using a Q06UDV I want to be able to enter the IP address as a word. So I've split my IP Address into 4 different parts, ie IP_Part1, IP_Part2, IP_Part3, IP_Part4. I am wanting to write that into the FB ModbusTCPClient which is in GX Works 2 Library. The input will be going to the RemoteIPAddress, which is a  Double Word Unsigned.
  8. GXWorks 2 IP to HEX

    Hi, I am looking for a way to be able to convert an IP Address into HEX. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Q03 Modbus to Nanodac

    Hi, I am only writing over 2 D reg's. D100 & D105 which is going to be less that 16 bits. I now see that the nanodac doesn't support 2 and 5 function codes. Thanks
  10. Q03 Modbus to Nanodac

    No, I'm using function code 05/06 for my write and 02/04 for read.  I am reading the same type of data, which the PLC can read. Its only my write function that is an issue. Thanks
  11. Q03 Modbus to Nanodac

    Hi, I am having an issue with writing data to a Nanodac via modbus. I am able to read data from the Nanodac, but unable to send data across. I am reading data from 2 different Nanodac's and want to be able to write to the both of them.  I have two different read and write addresses for the Nanodac's. Would like some advise on how to resolve this issue. Many Thanks.
  12. Network Config

    I am wondering if anyone has Network configurator v3.59 with integrated safety software? Many Thanks.

    So I have a list of which B and W are assigned to the different PLC's within the plant. I have 4 PLC's which use the same B and W. If you take a look at the attached file, my 4 PLC's use those same B and W. This PLC has been assigned  2740-277F and as you can see this PLC isn't using that range.

    I am working though some software and I came across NET II to NET10. Within this software I have duplicated B's & W's with other PLC's in the network (Not assigned to that PLC). Would this have any issues with the other PLC's and what is NET II?  Many Thanks,
  15. Special Relay Advice

    As part of a recent contract, my client has requested an Iconic's screen closely related to the ‘CC IE Control Diagnostics’ screen in GX Works. The network consists of 15 PLC's, connected in a loop using CC IE Control. Each of the stations in the loop (numbers 1-15) are connected as module 1 (except station 9, which is module 2) and can send and receive data to/from the adjacent stations in the loop via Ethernet (with 15 being connected to 1 also). Each station is connected to the next station from Port 2, to Port 1 (e.g. Station 5 Port 2 will be connected to Station 6 Port 1, Station 6 Port 2 to Station 7 Port 1, and so forth). After checking through the ‘MELSEC iQ-R CC-Link IE Controller Network User's Manual’, I have managed to pinpoint the Special Relay (SB) addresses of each of the status lamps, however I’m having issues locating the specific addresses for the health and send/receive status of the inbound and outbound connections from ports 1 and 2 on each station (the green arrow indicators on the ‘CC IE Control Diagnostics’ screen). Could advise as to the correct addresses for these functions? Many Thanks, Chris