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  1. Create Data Logging Tables Cimplicity

    Hi, New to Cimplicity, using version 8.2. I am looking to create data logging tables. I can't seem to find any information anywhere. 
  2. Count how many words are being used

    Thanks for the help lads.
  3. Count how many words are being used

    Yes. This is what I am looking for.
  4. I am looking to count how many words are being used in a set range. i.e. I want to be able how to count how many words are being used between D0 - D2000  Thanks.
  5. String to Decimal

    Hi, I am looking to convert string into decimal. I'm using GXWorks3. Is there a function block to do this?  When I look in the manual I can only find decimal to string. Many Thanks
  6. Converting Q04 CPU to iQ-R CPU

    Sorry, after I wrote this, I realised that the R series is actually an iQ-R. An issue that I am having is that the program that I have converted; within GX Works2 function blocks within the program it is using CJ_M (Pointer Branch) when I converted that program over to GX Works3 and I went to Rebuild All, I get errors  Unable to find FB/FUN definition" Error Code 0x11061F52. I have uploaded the program I have converted. GXWorks2_to_GXWorks3.rar
  7. Converting Q04 CPU to iQ-R CPU

    Hi, I am wanting to convert my Q04 (GX Works2) to an iQ-R PLC (GX Works3). I have tried to "Open other format file" and selected GX Works2 Format. When I select the program I want to convert over to GX Works3, the "uploaded image" pops up. If I select "OK" on that pop-up, it converts my project to an R120CPU.  When I then try to change the module type, I cannot change my module type from the RCPU series.  Could someone advise on how I could go about doing this? Many Thanks
  8. Sorting program

    I have attached a program that I am currently working on.   I am having one issue. When I put two numbers the same go though my sort program, the string attached to those numbers don't match up. Could you please advise? Sort Program Decant.gx3
  9. Create Number Order FB on GX Works3

    Hi, I am trying to create my own function block on GX Works 3. What I am trying to do is create a function block to place my inputs in order of how many is in them. In my uploaded image are going to be my inputs. So I am wanting to place them from highest to lowest depending on how many have been counted in my inputs. Can you please advise on how I should go about this.  Many Thanks.
  10. Function block for indexing and look up

    Brilliant, got that sorted. Thanks so much for the help.
  11. Function block for indexing and look up

    Hi, Hope you are well? The program that you have sent me is purely for an index lookup. How am I able to add the Magazine ID and weight to the table if not found? At the moment my table is empty. What I am wanting to do is add a magazine ID and the weight each time a new magazine comes round on the conveyor system. Many Thanks, Chris
  12. Function block for indexing and look up

    I see that now.  Learning for future reference  
  13. Function block for indexing and look up

    Thank you so much.
  14. Function block for indexing and look up

    Yes, my mistake.
  15. Function block for indexing and look up

    Hi, Both Magazine ID and Magazine weight are going to be 10 character strings. My E6 and E7 memory are going to start at E6_00, E7_00 Then the second position is going to be E6_01, E7_01 Many Thanks