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  1. Hi, Has anyone had any experience with interrogating Bacnet devices via Visual Basic code to obtain data values? A bit of background:- I work for a company that is not prepared to buy any bolt on historian software to gather historical data from field devices. We currently have 2 types of devices in the field, one is a Rockwell PLC that passes data back to the scada head-end using OPC Database, the other is a Carlo Gavazzi Dupline system that passes data back via Bacnet. I have managed to write some code on a separate machine that resides on the same network. This code runs in Microsoft Excel VBA and basically interrogates the Rockwell PLC data tags in the OPC database every 5 mins and writes the data to a .csv file. It works well and has been gathering data for the last 4 months to create a historical trend. It uses DDE Request as in the following syntax. DDERequest(RSIChan, "Topic_Tag_L3,L1,C1") I was wondering if i can do the same sort of thing but instead gather data from the Carlo field device, which I believe uses Objects. Can anyone share any pointers that may help me, as, if it's possible to do I am not sure on the syntax structure ?   zam