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  1. CX-Supervisor runtime startup question

    The PLC is in run mode. 
  2. 2 CPU CJ2M on one PSU

    HI Is it possible to have 2 CPU on the same PSU ? Banker PS. only using remote I/O
  3. Yes you can install cxs on the same PC as cxone. 
  4. Hi  I got a beta ver 341(3) and I also have isue printing. Banker  
  5. CX-Supervisor 3.4.1

    Problem solved By Omron Denmark: Mark all point and press <Enter> Then Press <OK> 
  6. CX-Supervisor 3.4.1

    Hi After updating CXS to ver. 3.4.1 I can't see point address I can see them when I editing but in the list form only the array len. is shown. When I enter a new point I can see the address. Anybody now hove to solve that ? Banker
  7. By default the address is  Banker 
  8. CJ2M 33 Ethernet/IP problem

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I want to avoid a solution with an extra relay. I had this setup with Omron PLC but on profibus, no problem because the comms. stop when the PLC goes into stop. Banker
  9. CJ2M 33 Ethernet/IP problem

    Hi I have a problem. I have a PLC CJ2M with Ethernet/IP comms to some Danfoss drives FC280. I can start and stop the drives, control speed ect. BUT when/if my PLC goes into stop the drives continues. The drives have at controlword with a bit 10 Data valid bit ( most be On otherwise controlword will be ignordet ) When the PLC goes into Stop the Ethernet/IP continues to comm. so if i use DM memory for the comms it will not change. If i use CIO memory i all go 0 and the drive ignor the controlword. What to do. ??? Banker  
  10. MAD 42

    Try i out in the simulater and if not make a convert from 16 binary to INT or use ther >S  ¨Banker  
  11. Cx-programmer -Flowmeter

    Hi Kenra What do not match ? the program is a totalizer I7.13 input oneshot. D3174+D3175 is the totalized value.  Banker
  12. Remote NX IO via NXEIP202 card

    Hi In france but maybe it can help.
  13. Remote NX IO via NXEIP202 card

    Hi I think you need Netconfigurator in CXOne  
  14. How to connect Cx designer to PC

    Hi  In you can run your cxdesigner project in test mode on you PC at connect the project to a PLC. Banker  
  15. Analog Input to CP1E from MX2 Drive

    BobB it a function blok