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  1. TSX 17 Failure

    Thanks.    I actually got a new (second hand unit) flown over. Wired it all up and it worked well.  Amazingly, I did manage to find a printout of the program today too!!  If we ever have problems again I’ll need to sharpen up my SFC to decipher.   Thanks!
  2. TSX 17 Failure

    Thanks acpi.  It definately has the EEPROM. I would love to get a copy of the program but I have no idea where to start with obtaining the program, setting up DOS in windows, or even the cables required.  The local guru of all things PLC in town we use has been unsuccessful in the past but I think that came down to it being too difficult. 
  3. Hi there.    Im after some help with the replacement of a TSX 17 PLC. Unfortunately we do not have a copy of the program but it is a very vital machine. It has been running well for 25+ years. It seems that the PLC unit is dead. 24v in but no lights or anything on at all.  We are hoping to source a direct replacement. We are also hoping that the EEPROM holds the program.  Is  there anything we should be aware of? Or anything we should do to ensure a smooth changeover?   Thanks
  4. 1 Input, 3 Outputs

    I've used a KEEP with a workbit, and some DIFUs on the Input which will select the either Dim Up or Down.   I've used a similar logic to turn the light on/off... but I know this isn't what I need... The problem I have, is keeping the light on (overriding the turn off when it recognizes the button is held).
  5. 1 Input, 3 Outputs

    Hi, Relatively new to PLCs, but this is about my third PLC with Omron. I'm currently setting up a PLC for a white boat (yacht) to control lights, pumps, fans, etc. I've got a bit of question whether it can be done or not. Basically what I have is a push button that controls a light, on/off through the same input... I also have these PWM dimmers which are external to the PLC which have a relay for dimming up and down. Can I have a single push button (1 input - 0.00) to control the light on/off (1 output - 100.00)... then when I hold the button down a flip/flop will either control the outputs for dimming up or dimming down (2 outputs - 100.01 & 100.02) whilst retaining the light on. PLC is CP1H. Thanks, MP