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  1. Hi everybody! I have module EHC  (M340) to use count fast speed. i use encoder have 3 input (A,B,Z) to recived speed in PLC (pulse) But i can't configure at  4x (Quadrature X4) mode. can you help me explained the problem ! Thank you!   dual phase mode
  2. Dear Leo! I 'm using unity to program.how to do create CNTRL block in program.can you supply this block code. Thank you
  3. Hi Quant! System is designed very good. Scada computers will have 2 network card to connected 2 this switch.if 1 network failure, 2 network will work, guarantee system operating is stable.
  4. Hi leo! I think so.i have read your block wrote for concept.i don' t understand principle of CNTRL_XL block. But i think only needing according to sequence read blocks and delay between blocks will calculate equal time out of reponse slaves.
  5. Hi everyone! I have a PLC Quantum (67160 type). I want read data from slave device ( according to Modbus RTU). i had used XXMIT block to read data. the result is very good. But when i want connect multiple slave devices (5 device), XXMIT block don't work. althought according to  theory, XXMIT can read 20 device slave at the same time, and CPU 67160 modbus Port support up to 4 devices at the same time.If run each XXMIT block according to sequence, delay is increasing? Have you to way can run 4 block at the same time ?  
  6. Hi Quant! - Three your way not realizable. 1.if connect both 2 switchs.network layer address will difference.data don't exchange. 2.the system is designed to operate in 2 network.if use only 1 switch, which is failure, the system won't operate. 3.read status of PLC, the way only effective when use only 2 two system.if suppose add the system and the system want read data of 2 other system.which one in two system change plc.system won' t change plc according to system have just change.
  7. Thank Quant!. Have you way to take data between 2 system?
  8. Hi everyone! I have 2 PLC 412-3H run paralle (1 Master, 1 Slave). 2 PLC connect profibus network with I/O module S7300 throught 2 IM153-2 module. I have a Getway GW-7552 (DP slave) to change profibus to modbus.How to way i can give GW-7552 in profibus network to system. If i use Y-link (add Y-coupler module), my I/O module is using how to do. Can you support me about this problem. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone! I have 2 system, every system have 2 PLC  (Primary (A or C) and Standby ( B or D)). system 1 connect with system 2 through 2 switch 1 and Switch 2. I want take data of system 1 into system 2 through switch (switch 1 and switch 2). I use cread_reg block to read data. Normal,PLC A is primary  and PLC C is primary, i can take data. but if PLC A or PLC C change standby. data won't read. Can you support me explain my problem. thank you!  
  10. Hi everyone! I have 2 PLC CPU67160 and CPU(BMXP342020). 2 CPU connect together in a Ethernet network. I want take data of M340 in CPU67160 through CREAD_REG block.  But i can't understand MET parameter in addrFld field (WordArr5[1]). where is MET? if i use CPUP342020, what LSB in WordArr5[1] ? Thank you!     .