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  1. Modbus TCP/IP iQ-R series

    It is the same, using GX Works 2 or GX Works 3 (Q/L/FX Series Compatible Mode) if you are programming Q-series PLC.
  2. Modbus TCP/IP iQ-R series

    Hi once again, communication between QJ71MT91 and R04 is solved in the following way: - R04 = in GX Works 3 install library MEU_RCPU_ModbusTCP_00B and program R04 as TCP Server - QJ71MT91 = set parameters in GX Works 2 under Intelligent Function Module I have 1 question regarding the GX Works 3: In Module Parameter setting I needed to set Open by Program in Opening Method setting to work this communication. I also found in manual the following thing: "When changing the operating status of the CPU module from external devices (such as the remote RUN/STOP functions), select "Do Not Open by Program" for "Opening Method" of "Module Parameter". If "Open by Program" is selected, an execution of the remote STOP function causes the communication line to close. Consequently, the CPU module cannot reopen the line, and external devices cannot execute the remote RUN function." Does someone encounter with possible problem from the quote or it works just fine with choosing Open by Program setting? Regards Luka
  3. FX5U comm with A1SJ71QE71N3-T

    As far as I understand, A1SJ71QE71N3-T module doesn't support QnA Compatible 3E Frame (i think that is for Qna built-in ethernet CPUs)??! (CPU is Q2ASHcpu-S1, doesn't have built-in ETH port.) For A1SJ71QE71N3-T, I am using Fixed buffer protocol (library Eth_QE71_IEC_6)--pic in attachment. 
  4. FX5U comm with A1SJ71QE71N3-T

    Hi, does anyone has program example of ethernet communication between FX5U (GX Works 3) and A1SJ71QE71N3-T (GX IEC Developer). I need to read and write in both directions. Thanks
  5. PT1 term

    PT1 or PT2 term = transfer function 1st or 2nd order . My aim is to simulate closed PID loop..something like an attached picture (matlab).
  6. Excel import

    Problem is that I need to have an array of 300 constants (real numbers). I can program 300 times like this: DataArr_1[0]:=0.1; DataArr_1[1]:=0.5 etc, but that's not an aim. Another solution is that I copy all data from excel in Device Memory then write on PLC.  
  7. Excel import

    Hi, i have excel file with 2 columns and cc 300 rows (saturation curve). How to import excel file in GX works 3 (R04CPU) and use data as two array variables [0..300]? I want to avoid manual writing around 600 values. Thanks  
  8. PT1 term

    Hi, how to make PT1 term in GX Works 3? I want to simulate PID loop Regards Luka
  9. PLC download problem

    Hi, when I download on PLC (R04), sometimes for example. TON timer's output .Q is automatically set to true even though input is false (also on .ET time is 4h ...??). Also, sometimes some bool variables are also set to true even though they are not set by any kind of logic. However, when I physical reset the PLC (power cycle), mentioned problems don't exist. Does it mean that software reset isn't working entirely correct and I need to reset physical PLC (power cycle) every time after I download on PLC? Regards Luka
  10. GX Works 3 - PID control

    Hi, solution lies in special register SD 792 where for loop 1 I needed to activated bit b0 to set 'No limit restriction'. Regards Luka
  11. GX Works 3 - PID control

    Hi, once again question regarding the PID control. When I am using PID Control Instructions (Exact Differential) and I am limiting Manipulated Value (MVLL, MVHL), from 0 to 32000. But, when I run a PLC with these limits, I can't get MV more than 2050. In manual is mentioned that PID limit can be restricted (-50, 2500) or not (-32768, 32767). How to disable PID limit restriction to get limit range (-32768, 32767)? Regards Luka p.s. Thanks to Clear Mind for previous answer  
  12. GX Works 3 - PID control

    Sorry, I forgot to mentioned--- iQ-R (RO4 CPU)
  13. GX Works 3 - PID control

    Hi, I am using PID function (PID operation instruction) from GX Works 3 library but it doesn't work. I set all necessary parameters (sampling time, direction and upper/lower limit values + KP, TI). My input PID_Par is array of 25 points (in manual is written: "*1When auto tuning is not used, the same number of points are occupied as when the step response method is used."). For example, in GX Works 2, PID function works ok. Did someone have similar problem? Does someone have mitsubishi library (GW Works 3) with PID function that works correctly?   Regards Luka  
  14. Modbus TCP/IP iQ-R series

    Thanks for your answers. I already have QJ71MT91 acting as a Master (to another PLC) and I am going to set QJ71MT91 also as a slave (if I am correct, QJ71MT91 can be a master and a slave at the same time). Then I will set built-in eth port on R04CPU to act as a Modbus TCP/IP master and hopefully that will work. Regards
  15. Modbus TCP/IP iQ-R series

    Hi, I have R04CPU (iQ-R series) on one side and on the other side is QJ71MT91 (modbus tcp/ip module). Is it possible to make communication between them (QJ71MT91 is master and R04CPU is slave)? iQ-R series doesn't have Modbus TCP/IP module, but is it possible to set modbus tcp/ip on built-in ethernet port of R04CPU, and how? Best regards Luka