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  1. FX program for rewinding machine

    Hi TheoV & Inntele Thank you for both of your comments. I am now contacting the original manufacturer to see if they have programs for identical machines on file, rather than similar machines using the same PLC. Regarding risks, you make an excellent point, however, I am only doing some leg work here. If I find a suitable program, it will be installed by a competent technician. We have two local companies in mind who can both write from scratch, but at enormous cost!
  2. FX program for rewinding machine

    Thanks Inntele. Just to confirm, I should be looking at the identical machine's program, rather than a similar machine on identical PLC? I don't have experience with PLC code so I assume from what you are saying, the program for an identical machine could be copied/translated to the Mitsubishi PLC? I have written to the manufacturer, who is investigating. The problem is the control panel was upgraded by another company, that has since wound up...
  3. FX program for rewinding machine

    Hi Ray, thanks. I have had a couple of people look at it in the past week and both advise it is a lengthy process to work out the flow chart from the schematics, then write the program from scratch. It is a long shot to hope someone has an actual copy of a program to work with but I'll keep trying!
  4. FX program for rewinding machine

    Hello, I recently discovered a paper rewinding/slitting machine using FX PLC's has dropped it's program. It seems the rom cassette is missing and the battery has failed. I'm looking for a program from anyone with a similar process machine that we can use to adapt to our machine. Hopefully it could significantly reduce the cost of re-writing from scratch! Any help is greatly appreciated.