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  1. Just changed out a 1761 -NET-ENIW module with a new one, I addressed it with the config utility from Allen Bradley, when all is hooked up the Link and TX/RX lights are solid green. I noticed that when I addressed it , the TX/RX light was blinking, is this normal or is the TX/RX light suppose to blink while communicating ? the Ethernet cable comes in from a Ethernet switch ( MES 10/100 ) which is hooked up to a  micrologic 1400 to the 1761 - NET - ENIW then is plugged into a SLC 5/03 with a 1761-CBL-PM02 comms cable, I still don't see any change on program that is suppose to be coming over via Ethernet. any suggestions ?
  2. I am changing out a A/B  1761-Net-ENI that is hooked up to a SLC 5/03, the communication is coming from an Ethernet hub switch to the 1761-net-ENI. Also the communication comes thru a micrologic 1400 to the SLC5/03 which the SLC5/03 is not receiving. Do I have to address this with laptop first or can I just replace and hook up
  3. SLC 5/03 communication

    Thanks for responding so quick Mickey, I was trying to use just a serial port cable and a 9 pin to 9 pin coupler to plug into the RS232 port on PLC, The 1747-UIC I am also trying to use is all in one, one cable out of top (USB (DF1) ) and out the bottom is one cable that splits into two ( RS485/RS232 (DH485) ) but sometimes unplugging it will cause my PC to shut down unexpectedly also SLC 5/03's DH485 is blinking green and the RS232 is off  
  4. I keep getting a message that reads: Failed to find the baud and parity, when I try and communicate with our SLC 5/03's, I have tried with a serial port cable and also with a 1747-UIC cable, Now I can get on all our micrologix 1200's at anytime. I believe I have configured it right thru RSLinx, and I installed driver for the 1747-UIC, any suggestions of what I am doing wrong ?