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  1. GOT 1000 problem

    OK i try by upgrading how to upgrade it?? hope you do not mind.....
  2. GOT 1000 problem

    i have selected the desired as mentioned, but result is same. one thing i also noticed that when i tried to upload the program from GOT 1000, the upload button is inactive
  3. GOT 1000 problem

    Ok. i will try One thing i forgot to mentioned. that i am using Windows 7. Does this is not the cause ?   regards  
  4. GOT 1000 problem

    I am facing following problem when uploading program from GOT 1000 (GOT type = GT 1055 – QSBD & software used = GT Designer 2) When I test the communication, it is successful. And gives the message “SUCCESSFULLY CONNECTED WITH THE GOT”  After when I tried to install the OS it gives error “GOT type error occurred” When I tried to select the desire GOT type in the initial screen there is no GOT 1055 mentioned. Could anybody please help in sorting and resolving this type of problem