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  1. CC-link no digital output

    Thanks Crossbow. There may be some confusion over the nomenclature i've been using (nodes/stations/modules). I have one slave device (node?) on CC-link. This comprises of a head station and a number of input/output cards. As i understand it the head station creates a local process image based on what cards are installed. Due to the number of cards i have i need the device to occupy 3 stations so that the user area of RX/RY is 00 to 4F, the system then occupies 50 to 5F. I have 3 input cards installed and can see from my inputs that they occupy from 00 to 1F continuously, 20 to 4F are unused and 50 to 5F is for the initialization program. I'd expect the outputs to behave the same. I have tried switching all the bits from Y1000 to Y104F but this has had no effect. Here is a link for the quickstart guide to the STL-BT1 head station that i am using - i probably describes the system a lot better than i can! http://www.accs.cz/Files/FA/REMOTE_IO/STlite_Series_Quick_Start_Guide.pdf
  2. CC-link no digital output

    Thanks for your reply, nothing can be too obvious! 1. The start I/O of the master unit in the PLC parameter is 00D0. The module sits at the end of the rack. I had originally set this to occupy 128 points but you are right, it should only occupy 32 points. changing this has had no effect however. The start I/O of 00D0 is set in the CC-link network parameters as well. 2. I'm unsure of assigning local auto-refresh devices, i haven't come across this before. I'll describe a bit better what the current setup is: RX = X1000         RY = Y1000               RWr = D500                       RWr = D600 Station information - station type is ver.1 Remote Device station occupying 3 stations. This should assign enough refresh devices (I have 32 DI, 8 DO and 12 AI). If i modify value Y1000 i can see this change in the buffer memory of the master station. What i don't understand is that if the addressing for the Rx's and RWr's is correct and working why the Ry's are not
  3. CC-link no digital output

    Hello, I have set up a new CC-link to add I/O to our existing factory PLC (Q03 series CPU). The CC-link system comprises of a master station (QJ61BT11N) and a remote device station (STlite STL-BT1) with several DI, DO and AD modules. Parameters are as per the STlite quick start guide example except no. of occupied stations is 3. In PLC Parameter I/O assignment the master station is a intelligent type and occupies 128 points from 0D00. Digital/analogue inputs are being read in the CPU and there are no error lights on either the master/remote stations. However digital output commands are not registered at the remote device station (LED lights on the module show which DO is active). Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm new to this and I've been hitting my head against a wall for a while on this one now. Cheers