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  1. Medoc training manual

    Hi, I'm trying to locate a good Medoc training manual- one giving working examples like sequential control etc. Any suggestions ? Regards, Mick
  2. beginner, need information

    Hi, you need to be very clear in what you'r proposing to do. I suggest you write a clear and simple description of the project, produce a flow chart from that description. This will give you a clear focus and also the I/O count which in turn will determine the size of the plc. I f a lot of user interaction with the HVAC system is required you might consider using an HMI . If you e-mail those details to me I'll be glad to assist. Regards, mick ----- mickbarrett@oceanfree.net
  3. Hi Contact F.A.S. in Athlone or Cabra. Both run a course in Industrial Automation covering PLC's, Electrical Electronic Systems and Pneumatics. This course has been designed for people like yourself - electricians , fitters and third level grads. who want to get into maintenance in industry. Best wishes, Mick
  4. plc programming methologies

    Thanks for comments. My reason is that I'm doing a research masters. Regards, Mick
  5. Plc programming protocols. I am currently researching the methodologies that programmers use in plc programming and am looking for comments/ answers to the following : Are you a freelance programmer ? If so do you supply (with the program): · Process descriptions · Flow charts · I/O Lists · Test results · Do you write OEE friendly programs ? Do you have / use an I/O protocol ? Are you a programmer employed by in the manufacturing environment ? Does your industry have programming methodologies ? If so what are they ? I would appreciate any assistance
  6. Plc direct questions

    Any beginners having difficulty getting started with Allen Bradley Slc500 ?. I've written a short booklet "Getting started with AB Slc 500 and RsLogix". If you want a copy just ask.