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  1. Set of instructions or labs for Noob?

    Awesome input and thanks a ton for the help.   Have a good rest of the week.   Sid
  2. Good morning all and Happy New Year.Its been a year since I've taken Mr. Beaufort's class down in SC. That had to be the most informative yet grueling class I have taken since college. But unfortunately due to a crazy work schedule and life, I have not been able to practice what I learned and time with PLCs other than watching the control guys at work, I have done nothing.However I did get the company to fork over some money and with the guidance of the control guys at work, I purchased a Control logix controller, power supply, and a digital and analog input/output card. We did also buy a end card piece I believe was some sort of terminator at the end of the cards I was told we needed. I forget actually what it was called and what its used for.I have been given the time this year and the funds to buy and build my own trainer as well as a place to practice.I need some practice labs or a set somewhat like that eUniversity site has. Beginning to advanced then more advanced. Something I can work through over the year. I am told we have Studio 5000 licenses available and a pc is not a problem.Please, any guidance would be most helpful.Thank you again.Sid
  3. PLC Boot Camp with Ron B.

    Evening all,   Headed to the boot camp with Mr. B here in a few weeks.  Been looking forward to this for quite a few months.  Any tips or hints for me before I go?   Went to a Studio 5000 and factory talk primer down in Atlanta last week.  Now I'm ready for the real thing.   Have A GOOD NIGHT.     Thanks
  4. Allen Bradley training

    Good morning all,   I have been having conversations with Mr. Ron Beaufort and getting into his training this year.  It may or may not happen given how much money is left in the budget for this year.  Unfortunately, Mr. Beaufort is talking about retiring.  If in fact he leaves to go fishing for a long time, is there another training curriculum similar to his and as good possibly?  Controllogix is the desired platform.   Thanks guys   Sid
  5. Allen Bradley training

    Hello guys, It'll be Control logix.  I am in the process of signing up for Mr. Beauforts Control logix course.  I am completely new to this, but it seems his class will be just what I need.   Thanks all.   Sid
  6. Allen Bradley training

    Good morning,   Thank you very much for the replies.  MY taste would be definitely more towards the programming side, but it'll be mainly maintaining and troubleshooting existing logic and installations here at work.  But I see that our ICT engineers here, both of them programming capable ( both retiring in the next 2 - 3 ) do their own maintenance as well.  Our equipment integrators make and assemble the equipment to our spec.  They then provide a turnkey system to us with instruction.  After a successful SAT(site acceptance test), we then own it and are responsible for it.  Control logix and Compact logix primarily.  All tag based controllers.  Although the ICT guys have set me up with a RST Micro logix trainer that is NOT tag based.  Yes, there are plenty of VFD's in our cabinets, AC and DC both.  Servos as well.  HMI's on all of our new equipment.  Panel view to program those I think. I just spoke with Mr. Beaufort In Charleston, not too far from me either.  Nice man.  I will have an additional conversation with him this afternoon.  I hope this is enough information to help you help me. Thank you guys so much for your guidance.   Sid   PS. Mr. Sorcerer, The "Big Lick" huh?  I lived up in Floyd county, actually Willis for 11 years.  My children live up in the NRV, C'burg and B'burg.  My son works over on Peters Creek at Starcity powersports.  Thanks for your help
  7. Allen Bradley training

    Evening everyone,   New here and to PLC's in general along with a first time post, so I hope this is the correct place for this training question. The last year and a half at work I have transitioned from new product development to machine acquisition, factory acceptance and site acceptance testing.  I've done a well enough job in my new position in order for the company to offer up any automation/PLC programming training I want to take.  We use exclusively Allen Bradley controllers.  I am looking for a place to start for someone who knows little to nothing about programming and or installing an automated system.  Whether it be something from Rockwell or another third party teacher.  Books or online training.  I am sorry if this is vague and I have not given you all enough information.  I am truly new to this but I have been given the opportunity to learn and they are willing to pay for it.  I love dealing with this type of equipment and given the time and training I know I can be of value to this company. Anything you all can recommend or maybe point me in the correct direction would be greatly appreciated.  thank you all for your time and help.   Sid