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  1. Need help with GX Developer

    Thanks it worked didn't notice there was a space between them, I owe you a cold one.
  2. Need help with GX Developer

    I know i'm asking for help but i entered it correctly, i don't think you look at it. How else can i enter a coil? I'm not using the application instruction.
  3. Need help with GX Developer

    Below the way i tried entering the values, and T1 is available because i used a search. Do i have to declare that i'm using this timer before i try to use it? i watched videos online and they just used it without doing anything. Is there a specific way i need to setup the program?
  4. Need help with GX Developer

    I was trying to use M1 to activate the timer. I tried T2K100, actually everything i could think of and i got the same error. They're using some of the timers but not all.
  5. Need help with GX Developer

    I'm getting this error while trying to add a timer to an existing program. I tried using a timer that wasn't used in the program but i still got the same error. The version i'm using is 8.98C