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  1. Q00J and GOT GS2107-WTBD Ethernet Communication Error

    Many Thanks for your reply. Ping is ok. I have comms between plc and hmi but I can't download  from pc to HMI on Ethernet. Any ideas
  2. Good evening fellow members, I have an application that uses a Q00J PLC and a GOT GS2107-WTBD HMI which has been successfully set up for Ethernet Communication. Ethernet Communication on the PLC is via an E71 Module. I normally use the Beijers HMI's but thought about giving the GOT's a go. In order to download the Operating System and Application Software to the HMI I used an USB Lead for communication. In order to further upload, download or verify the HMI Software I would like to do so over Ethernet. I have tried to toggle between USB and Ethernet but keep on getting an error for Ethernet. In Communication Configuration Settings I have Selected:   Connection to GOT: Direct Connection Image PC Side I/F: Ethernet Detailed Setting PC Side I/F: No parameter to select GOT IP Address Peripheral S/W Communication Port 5015.   The PC IP Address is and the PLC IP Address is at   Any Ideas? I would appreciate some help. Many Thanks.      

    Hi Big Country, I have no experience of communication via two A series PLC's using CC Link but I have done an application using two Q Series PLC's with CC Link. The easiest way with an A Series is using Net B. Net B is not available for the Q series.
  4. Edesigner 7.31 Questions

    Hi Stephen, If you want to rotate a symbol in an E1000 Project go to the folder that bolts on to your HMI File and open up the Symbols Folder. Open up the required Symbol in MS Paint, Edit and Save. You can then paste it into your project. In the old terminal you can edit in the symbol manager which can be located in the View tab.
  5. PID Control for Q06 CPU

    Thanks Govind Lathkar for your reply, it seems that there are plenty of viewer for this topic, shame that there are not may replies. The program I had did eventually work after rewritting the code. It must have copied over from a previous project incorrectly. Is there an easy way to commission theses PID loops instead of poking PID values and monitoring their reaction. Thanks
  6. PID Control for Q06 CPU

    Hi, Has anyone out there used the pid control program for a QCPU? The PID loop is not working at present on the QCPU. I am using the same program as I would normally use for a QnACPU which has worked OK in the past. Has anyone used the same program successfully? I have one question with regards to the manual :- It states that the values to be used for SV, PV and MV depend upon the PID limit being on or off. e.g PV range is 0 to 2000 if PID limit is on and -32768 to 32767 if PID limit is off. Where is the PID limit on or off set? Is it be using SD774 and SD775?
  7. Mitsubishi QJ71E71 Ethernet Module

    Thanks Gambit I managed to get 2 HMI's to communicate to 2 CPUs via ethernet. Turns out one of the cards were faulty
  8. Mitsubishi QJ71E71 Ethernet Module

    Thanks Crossbow for your reply,I will download the manual to see. Myreal problem is setting up communication using fixed buffers between two ports with a Q71E71 module and Beijers E1100 HMI. I can get the two to communicate with each other by automatic port open using port 5000 on UDP but not using fixed ports 500 and 501. I have set the HMI and PLC using varying parameters without success. Have you set up such a system and if you have how did you achieve it. Thanks
  9. Data into Excel?

    Hi, You could also use MX Sheet for this, which is a Mitsubishi product. I've only seen a demo but I think it uses MX Component in the background. Hope this helps.
  10. Mitsubishi QJ71E71 Ethernet Module

    Hi, I am looking for a basic description of what the following configuration parameter are and their function in the above module. I have read the basic and application manuals and am none the wiser. Has anyone got a download link or a manual that explains what the following terminology referes to:- Open system Active Unpassive Fullpassive MELSOFT connection Fixed buffer communication Procedure exist No procedure Pairing open No pairs Pairs Existance confirmation No confirm Confirm
  11. ODBC Connection in Intouch

    Hi I would like to configure an ODBC Connection between Intouch and Excel to move fixed values across at a specific time. How would I configure such a connection.
  12. Avery Weighscale 1020 & Profibus

    Its a shame I didn't see this thread sooner as I could have saved you a lot of bother. Just had one done for me about three weeks ago. There is a list of IO that can be configured by Avery to communicate to you via profibus. It did take two attempts to get the scales working, a faulty comms card was at fault on the first attempt. Best of luck and give Avery my regards.
  13. CitectSCADA and Mitsubishi digital devices

    Hi, I had similar problems a few weeks ago with a flowmeter totaliser. I resolved the problem by allowing the PLC to increment the totaliser count and allowing the SCADA to view the totaliser from the PLC register. Hope this helps.
  14. Mx4 and Citect.

    Hello all, can someone tell me if I can generate a variable tag in the tag database using possibly an integer data type an extracting a digital bit from it. This will allow me to save 15 tags as I will be able to extract 16 digital tags from one word tag. For example D100 is the word and I want bit 1 to do one thing and bit 2 to do another and so on. This used to be possible with the old Mx32 SCADA by creating a tag with the address D100.0 and when you wanted to use it as a discreat value you would address it as D100.4 if bit 4 was required. I have seen the bitand expression used in scripts is this relevant . How would you use the IO Remapping function within the software.? Thanks
  15. S7-300 communication with Intouch

    Use the IO SERVER called 'DASSIDirect-1.0’ which is located on one of the disks called 'Device Integration Products I/O Servers, DAServers' that was supplied by Wonderware. There is a tech note with the IO Server on how to install and set-up. If you are using Windows XP as your PC Operating system you may need a patch to allow the communication to work. Hope this helps