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  1. Ethernet IP Nodes

    I have  a simple question that I think I know the answer to, but I want to confirm with you more veteran members. When I am selecting a compact logix controller, the different models provide various numbers of Ethernet IP nodes.  For example, the 1769-L18ERM-BB1B is specified with 8 nodes.  What specifically is meant by nodes.  I have been assuming that the number of nodes is the number of Ethernet IP devices I can connect to the PLC.  So if I had the following Ethernet capable devices; HMI, Dataman, Atlas Power focus, then I would be using 3 of the 8 available nodes.  Therefore, with an 8 node PLC I would need at most an 8 port switch. Do I have this thinking correct?  I am not sure.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  Thanks
  2. OLDI Modules

    Hello Armadillo852 , So what do you prefer to use to get data out of a smaller system running a compact logix PLC?  Do you prefer an OPC server like KEPWareEX?  From what I can tell a license of KEPServer EX would cost about $1,500.  This is much cheaper than the OLDI module.  However, it will require a PC to run the software.  Thanks My Family grew up in Racine as well.  Racine is OK, but it is NO Myrtle Beach, SC!
  3. OLDI Modules

    I am still researching my best and most cost effective method to connect a small PLC based system with a database so I can record small amounts of basic data.  For example, if my station has a Cognex  Insight camera that reads the data matrix off a bank of solenoids.  I would like to have the PLC send that part data back to the database.  Unfortunately, most of the machines I am developing are small standalone machines.  Therefore, a cost effective means of moving small amounts of data is needed.   I talked with the Softing representative today (Provides the OLDI module) about these OLDI modules and they seem like a great solution for larger scale projects.  The module plugs into the PLC rack and you get very clean Ethernet communication to a Database (like SQL Server).  All the PLC TAGS are available as well as the Database tables, queries, and stored procedures etc.  Then it appears to be a very simple process to link the PLC tags to the corresponding fields in the database.  The drawback for me is that the module cost $7,000 and only plugs into Control Logix PLCs (not compacts).
  4. OLDI Modules

    Does anyone have any experience using OLDI modules with AB PLC?  I want to learn more about their capability and potential uses.   Thanks   http://www.softing.us/ra/
  5. E-WEB modules

    I have not used an E-Web module before.  What I have read about them so far sounds very interesting. According to AB..."the EWEB module can store custom Web pages, and documents such as drawings and user manuals. This provides users quick and easy access to system-related information on the plant floor, saving valuable time when troubleshooting a problem on the line." Does anyone have any experience good or bad with these modules? I would be very interested in a solution that enabled a PLC to call up a work instruction residing on a company web page.  To my limited knowledge, I assume that I would need to use an OPC server and a simple program (like VB) to call the web page.  Could an EWEB module be a simpler solution? Thanks  
  6. AB SoftLogix

    That is what I figured.  I am trying to keep an open mind, but I am really disliking the LabView data flow model. With all of this said, I wonder why someone would use Softlogix.  Perhaps just to save some money on the processor.   Thanks
  7. AB SoftLogix

    So I am very clear that the "hard" PLC is the more robust solution.  Unfortunately, my current employer is in love with LabView.  I am trying to get them to consider PLC.  from what I can tell LabView does have some advantages.  For example, LabView's ability  to exchange data with a database like SQL server is very nice.  When I propose a PLC there is the need to purchase an OPC server (like Kepware) which adds some cost and complexity.  So, I am wondering if the softlogix can more easily integrate with windows applications given that it is also running on windows.  This would only apply to smaller applications that do not need 24/7 uptime.  Thanks
  8. AB SoftLogix

    Does anyone have any experience using AB SoftLogix?  What are the advantages / disadvantages?  Obviously you do not get the benefit of a robust PLC processor when you are running on a PC.  However, if you do not have a mission critical operation and you would still like to utilize the ladder logic environment it is an interesting option.  Does the SofLogix offer any advantages in regard to integration with other Windows programs (like a database or even excel) given that is already running on a PC.  Thanks
  9. PLC Tag Creation

    I am not clear on what you are asking?  Are trying to write a Do loop like in Basic?
  10. Processor or Program Name Tag RSLogix 5000

    I have never done this.  But would the GSV work for you?
  11. Logix 5000 Scan Cycle

    Yes, I am still uncomfortable putting output instructions in series.  However, it seems like a good solution in this case.
  12. Logix 5000 Scan Cycle

       I have a fundamental question regarding the scan cycle and timing of the Logix 5000 platform.  I have attached a very simple ladder rung for reference.  In this fictitious rung I would like to make sure that the CPT instruction finishes prior to the execution of the COP instruction.  How do I make sure of this?  Is it enough to simply put the COP instruction after the CPT?  I am worried that if the CPT was complex it may take too long and finish the calculation after the COP executed.  In that case I would not have copied the latest value into TAG 'B'.  What are your thoughts? Thanks and Regards
  13. OPC Servers

    Does anyone have a recommendation for an OPC server to connect to an AB compact Logix?   RS Links, KepServer, and Matrikon seem like the popular ones (I assume they are expensive and paid for by license).  I only need to manage a few Tags and I want to keep the cost down.  Any suggestions? Thanks
  14. PLC control of Work Instructions

    Yes,  I was planning on writing a simple VB.NET application.  I should have included that in my figure.  Thanks. What do you think of this method? Is there a better way?
  15. PLC control of Work Instructions

    1) I will be using a compact logix ( AB 1769-L24ER-QB1B CompactLogix). 2) I will be using a Panel View or Pro-Face HMI.  However, I do not intend to use this for the work instruction display.  Rather I will have a windows PC adjacent to the system running the power point etc. 3) The engineer would create and maintain the power point files on the PC system. 3) The attached picture shows one method that might work.  I am not sure if there is a better way.  Thanks