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  1. Cleco to PLC Communication

    Did you need to purchase the Anybus IP module?  (the module is about $626).  Or did you use a different method?  Thanks
  2. Cleco to PLC Communication

    I have an application where I would like to control a Cleco Torque control.  I simply need to send a Job selection, tool enable, and receive back a job pass/fail signal.  From what I have read so far it appears I need to install an Ethernet IP module into the Cleco controller (Anybus).  Cleco has EDS files available.  Does anyone have any experience in this regard?  I want to make sure I am headed in the correct direction.  Thanks I am using the following equipment:PLC:AB 5069-L306ER COMPACTLOGIX PLC.Studio 5000 version 30 software.CLECO:CLECO GLOBAL CONTROLLER      CLECO   1003-MPRO400GC-P
  3. Major Fault

    Yes, you gentlemen were correct.  I increased the "MESSAGE_WORD_RESULTS" array to 32 elements and all is good.  Thanks very much for your help.  I would have had no idea without your help.
  4. Major Fault

    I have a compact logix with a major fault. Please see my attached file for the complete fault message.  Code 20 array subscript too large. or control data type to large or invalid. Has anyone observed this issue before.  The PLC is a compact logix model.  Every time, the controller is switched from program to run the major fault occurs within 5 seconds.  The fault can be cleared but then it comes back in a few seconds.  I have been told by my tech that no program changes have been made.  Could there be a hardware/wiring issue? Thanks much Document_1234.pdf
  5. FT View ME Studio 9.0

    Great suggestion.  Unfortunately, even after moving the .acd file to the local drive I could not see any of my TAGs.  Thanks  
  6. FT View ME Studio 9.0

    I did click the plus and nothing expands out for some reason.  Not sure why.
  7. FT View ME Studio 9.0

    Yes, I did verify and it appears that the file was found successfully.  However, I can not seem to expand the RSLinxEnterprise node to find the file. Thanks
  8. FT View ME Studio 9.0

    I am using Studio 5000 V30 and  FT View ME Studio 9.0 to develop a solution for my current project.  For once I am ahead on the project and have already started developing the basic plc logic and panel view screens.  However, my hardware has just been ordered.  Therefore, I do not have the PLC or panel view in hand just yet. One of my HMI screens is a simple IO diagnostic screens with a several indicator objects that will show the "On" "Off" State of the IO.  I was hoping to link the indicators to the corresponding Tags I have created in the PLC program.  However, I can not seem to establish a connection between my PV software and my PLC offline tag file.  Naturally, without the hardware I can not expect to browse to the PLC in the communication tree.  So is there a way to expose the PLC Tags prior to having the PLC and PV hardware?  I did attempt to select the offline tag file as shown in my screen shot.  This did not seem to be sufficient.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks   Document1.pdf
  9. Managed Switches

    I have always used a simple Red Lion N-Tron un-managed switch for my PLC controls application (ie: 108TX).  recently i have been trying to understand if there are any advantages in going with the more expensive managed switches.  I understand that the managed switches give you more control over ports and subnet access.  However, I have not had a problem with the un-managed switches so far.  Could anyone give me recommendations or offer more specific examples of what could go wrong when using an un-managed switch from the industrial controls perspective?  I have attached a picture of my simple controls topology for the purpose of discussion.  Thanks.  
  10. Surge supressor diode

    Hello All, I have a basic application where I am trying to understand the pros/cons of using a surge suppressor diode in parallel with my output solenoids. I am using an AB compact Logix model (5069-L306ER) with a 24 VDC output model (5069-OB16).  The output I am dealing with is a numatics solenoid valve.  The solenoid draws very low current (less than 0.5 amps). Over the years I have noticed that some people use a suppressor diode around the outputs and some do not.  does anyone have any practical recommendations in this regard.  My figure below shows solenoids 1 and 2 without the diode and solenoid 3 with the diode.  Thanks    
  11. SLC Analog Input Card Issue

    I have been down at the plant all day and I can not re-create the issue.  I have  cycled power on the machine a half dozen times and no issues were found.  Very strange.
  12. SLC Analog Input Card Issue

    At the moment the machine is working fine again.  I think there is some requirement that the processor should be in program mode when the new analog module is installed so that when it powers up the module is initialized.  I am not sure about this, can anyone comment on the specific requirement. -  All channels are enabled (however, I do not believe they are all being used)  I am trying to find a reliable electrical print from the people that work at this plant.  I am assuming is a best practice to disable unused channels? - Ch 1 and Ch 6 do have an under range errors.  But I think that goes away when the machine is cycling and reading real data. Thanks
  13. SLC Analog Input Card Issue

    I am having an issue with a 1746-NI8 analog input card installed in slot 3 of an SLC 500 1747-L541.  Apparently the PLC is not seeing the card.  The card has been replaced one time already.  I am wondering if there is an issue with the backplane?  I do have an open slot available in position 4.  I may try and install the card in that slot next.   One very important note is that after replacing the input card the machine worked for several hours without any errors.  Only after the machine was powered down briefly and then powered back up did the card show the error. If anyone has suggestions that would be super. Thanks
  14. Hello All,   I have been researching KEPServerEX and Rockwell's Factory Talk Transaction manager.  I would appreciate this forums opinion/recommendations.  I think the going rate for these packages is about $2,600.   Typically my applications require a very small amount of SQL Database interaction.    A typical application would be a small system using a compact logix such as an (5069-L306ER).   I could have less than 100 tags holding string data I would like to write to a table in the SQL database. I have some basic part configuration data I might like to read into the PLC from a database. Do either of these software packages have the ability to trigger queries or stored procedures? (probably don’t need that, but I am curious)   Please let me know what your experience has been.   Thanks
  15. Ethernet IP Nodes

    I have  a simple question that I think I know the answer to, but I want to confirm with you more veteran members. When I am selecting a compact logix controller, the different models provide various numbers of Ethernet IP nodes.  For example, the 1769-L18ERM-BB1B is specified with 8 nodes.  What specifically is meant by nodes.  I have been assuming that the number of nodes is the number of Ethernet IP devices I can connect to the PLC.  So if I had the following Ethernet capable devices; HMI, Dataman, Atlas Power focus, then I would be using 3 of the 8 available nodes.  Therefore, with an 8 node PLC I would need at most an 8 port switch. Do I have this thinking correct?  I am not sure.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  Thanks