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  1. How to check for a Null value

    Perfect solution.  Thanks very much
  2. How to check for a Null value

    I am reading in a data matrix string from a Cognex camera.  On one occasion there was an error with the barcode (it was missing some data).  Does anyone know if there is a way to check for Null values.  For example, how would I check 'READ[1].DM_HSG.DATA[0]' to see if it is holding the null value ($00)?  I am using Logix 5000 version 30. Any ideas? Thanks  
  3. PV Language Switching

    I was able to get it work by changing my fonts to Arial Unicode MS.  Apparently some fonts work better than others for language switching.  Thanks
  4. PV Language Switching

    Hello All,   I am using the language switch functionality on my PV plus. Everything seems to be working on my laptop side.  However, when I transfer the program to the PV some of the text strings do not get translated.  They are translated correctly on my Laptop “test” view but something is different when the file is loaded on the actual hardware.  It seems like some of the Chinese characters are just changed to squares on the HMI view.   Please see the attached PDF and let me know if you have any ideas.   1st page is the English 2nd page is the Chinese as viewed from my laptop when running the display in test mode. 3rd page is the Chinese as viewed from the actual HMI screen.   Thanks very much hmi.pdf
  5. Preserving FIFO Data

    I have an application (Logix 5000) where I am using a FIFO instruction to load/unload an array of tags.  Essentially the array holds the last 100 part numbers run in the process.   My question is how do I preserve the FIFO data when I download periodic program changes. What I have noted is that if I make some program edits tonight and go to download the program tomorrow, I will overwrite the FIFO data that accumulated while I was making changes. I am sure there must be a better method.  Should I export/import the ladder routines rather that do a download?  What options do I have? Thanks much
  6. Interlaced MOV Instruction

    By the way guys, I am talking about Logix 5000, not 500.  Thanks
  7. Interlaced MOV Instruction

    I would prefer not to use a compare instruction because in my real application I am using a great many MOV and COP instructions and I would hate to couple a compare instruction with each of them.  That seems very inefficient if you are working in bulk.  However, I am interested to learn more about the CPS.  I will need to do some research as I am not clear on how that one works.  Thanks very much
  8. Interlaced MOV Instruction

    How can I ensure that the MOV instructions are complete before taking a follow up action.  Initially I was guessing that if I simply put an output energize (OTE) instruction after the MOV instructions I could just wait for the OTE to go high.  However, I do not believe that instruction is correct.  Could anyone comment on this assumption as well as offer a recommendation to achieve my objective.  Thanks  
  9. Panel View Plus 7 - Image Display

    Thanks much, I think that will do the trick!
  10. Series Output Instructions

    In Logix 5000 you are allowed to put multiple output instructions in series.  I am curious how this works if you put two copy (COP) instructions in series at the end of a rung.  In this case will the first COP execute and finish before the second COP begins?  Or will they both execute in parallel?
  11.   I am using a panel view plus 7 standard HMI (Factory Talk View studio 9).  In my application I would like to display an image (.jpeg) of the selected part.  In this case, I only have about 7 parts.  When the operator selects the part from a list I display the associated image.  However my method for doing this is not very elegant and I am hoping to find a better solution.  What I am doing is stacking all 7 part images on top of each other.  Then I am setting the animation --> visibility to 0 for all images except the selected image.  This method is working but a bit hard to work with and may get more difficult as additional parts are added.  Does anyone know of a better way to manage this application.  Thanks
  12. Cleco to PLC Communication

    Did you need to purchase the Anybus IP module?  (the module is about $626).  Or did you use a different method?  Thanks
  13. Cleco to PLC Communication

    I have an application where I would like to control a Cleco Torque control.  I simply need to send a Job selection, tool enable, and receive back a job pass/fail signal.  From what I have read so far it appears I need to install an Ethernet IP module into the Cleco controller (Anybus).  Cleco has EDS files available.  Does anyone have any experience in this regard?  I want to make sure I am headed in the correct direction.  Thanks I am using the following equipment:PLC:AB 5069-L306ER COMPACTLOGIX PLC.Studio 5000 version 30 software.CLECO:CLECO GLOBAL CONTROLLER      CLECO   1003-MPRO400GC-P
  14. Major Fault

    Yes, you gentlemen were correct.  I increased the "MESSAGE_WORD_RESULTS" array to 32 elements and all is good.  Thanks very much for your help.  I would have had no idea without your help.
  15. Major Fault

    I have a compact logix with a major fault. Please see my attached file for the complete fault message.  Code 20 array subscript too large. or control data type to large or invalid. Has anyone observed this issue before.  The PLC is a compact logix model.  Every time, the controller is switched from program to run the major fault occurs within 5 seconds.  The fault can be cleared but then it comes back in a few seconds.  I have been told by my tech that no program changes have been made.  Could there be a hardware/wiring issue? Thanks much Document_1234.pdf