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  1. synchronize time from PC and HMI

    Ok, Thanks so much  Gambit, I will try its.
  2. [Keyence] DT STUDIO Manual

    Dear all, I would like study DT-100A of Keyence. But, I only found a little manual of this device. I can't find manual for setup, it's only inform that need DT-Studio, Do you have any document that explain how to setup to record data from PLC and send to PC (via FPT...)? Could you share them for me? Thanks so much!  
  3. synchronize time from PC and HMI

    Thanks so much, But, could you reference for me any documentation first? Example: What's the documentation which you cut and send image for me?  
  4. synchronize time from PC and HMI

    Thanks so much Gambit, Do you have any document about memory of GOT that explain detail: GD, GS ... of GOT? Could you share them for me? I have not found this documentation in Mitsubishi website  
  5. synchronize time from PC and HMI

    Dear, I have HMI GT16, it connected with PC However, HMI time is difference with PC. ==> And I would like send time from PC to HMI PC can read time in GS650, but can't write value to GS650. Could you help me to synchronize time between PC and HMI ? Thanks so much!  
  6. [GOT2000] GT2708

    actually, I don't want to use PLC memory  Seem, GT2000  difference with GT1000 In GT1000, I only select "Base/Windows screen" to update ==> GD/GB is not reset. (GOT1000) In GT2000, I also only select "Base/Windows screen" --> GD/GB is reset (image GOT2000) Could you have any idea to solve it?
  7. [GOT2000] GT2708

    Sorry, I need 1000 word for my program to display data in HMI. But, PLC have 1024 word and already used 1000 word. ==> how to selection words of PLC?
  8. [GOT2000] GT2708

    I don't want to modify PLC to avoid affect to current operation and not enough memory  
  9. [GOT2000] GT2708

    Dears, I have got 2708vtba and I using GT Designer 2000 to install software for it. And, I used GD memory of GT to write program for GT2708 ; But, I find some question: 1. How to keep value of GD/GB after load program, although I only load Base/Windows screen. 2. GT2000 has special GD or not? Because after load program, some data still keep not change (display -1 or 65535) Could you give some advance for me? Thanks so much!  
  10. Gateway PLC + PC

    Yes, GT1565 have still the RS-232 port available. And, ... It's difficult to find a solution for that. I am using GT15-J71E71-100 & GT15-FNB to send/receive data between GOT and PC, now. However, GT15-FNB is the end of product; we can't order this item. I also don't know that why need GT15-FNB to from GOT to PC; Actually, I still "ping IP address" from PC to GOT; but PC can't connect via Mx-Component & FTP to get data in GOT    

    Hi spraks, can you share your project to any member support for you?
  12. A1SD51S, BASIC Module

    Thank you Crossbow
  13. Dear ady_kurnia,

    I am studying A1SD51S Module of A Series. But, I find that we need sw1ivd-ad51hp-e software.

    do you have this software?

    Can you share it for me?

    Thanks so much!

  14. A1SD51S, BASIC Module

    Dear all, I also want to read/write data between PC and PLC (PLC has A1SD51S Module) And, I find some documentation as below: I study this manual and see: 1. We need software: sw1ivd-ad51hp-e. However, it only install in Windows 98/XP --> I still download this software test in other Windows(Windows 7 or Windows 10) ---> If you have this software and do it. Please help me to comment this case. 2.If we have many package (include PLC + A1SD51S), we can connect with 1 PC or not. I ask it, because I have not just find register package No. If you have experiences about this module, software.. Pls advantage for me. I know this module is very old, but ... I have the system that already PLC + A1SD51 Module and I'm want to read/write data for i. Thanks so much!      
  15. Gateway PLC + PC

    Sorry, I reply later Current, I already connect as below, It's difference with your image