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  1. AB Kinetix Drive Jog with Dynamic Speed

    I did notice this as well, as soon as the instruction turns on, it does turn the DN on right away. Even tho it is still jogging.
  2. AB Kinetix Drive Jog with Dynamic Speed

    I am trying to get this working however I am getting an error 23 on the MCD instruction. I am not sure how to reset it? or if it is configured wrong. Any Suggestions? For Testing I am using the exact same parameters as my MAJ, which is working correctly.    Error # 23 An instruction attempted an illegal change of dynamics. Illegal Dynamic Change   Thanks, Kevin
  3. Hey Guys,   I am trying to use a motion jog instruction with an AB kintex servo. However I want the jog speed to be dymanic. I am controlling the speed with an analog feedback from a tensioner. I have my speed set as a tag and it is working correctly. However I am having to blink the jog command to get the speed to update. Is there a better way to constantly monitor speed in a jog instruction? or a better instruction to use?
  4. Hello,   I am working with a et200s im151-8 PLC and for some reason anytime any of my devices plugged into the ethernet switch are removed the PLC goes into stop mode. I have fault logic for any lack of communication so I want to not have my PLC go into stop mode. How can I change this.    Thanks for your help, Kevin