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  1. FX 3GEwith GXworks 2

    Hi Guys, I,m fairly new to programming but I,m (kind of) OK at the basices. Years back I used to have a play with the old Basic Program on an ordinary PC. A very handy command in Basic was the "If, Then, Else " statement.  I was just kind of wondering if a similar thing was available when programming an Fx Plc in GX works 2, (eg FX3ge). For instance if value DB*** (Outside temperature)  is greater than DB### (Inside temperature) then output Y001 else output Y000. I,m also going to have my very first go at Analog Input/Output programming a temperature sensor to control the speed of a cooling fan so expect to hear a lot more from me  LOL   Many thanks   Del
  2. Program Notes & Comments

    Many thanks chaps I will give this a go on Monday. What a cracking site this is, glad I joinedup
  3. Program Notes & Comments

    I used to use the Old Dos based MEDOC very many, many, years. I havn,t programmed for years now. We have GX Works 2 at work, and I am practicing programming an FX 3G - 40M to try and keep my hand in. Allthough I can write and read the program ok, the PLC keeps saying that it has no memory for the comments. Apparently the memory has to be set on the PLC. Any advice or information links will be appreciated