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  1. FX Communication

    Any documents that explain how to make form of Modbus package or sample of programs ? Thank you
  2. FX Communication

    Hi Karee, Do you mean I can use FX1N PLC with FX1N-485BD for modbus protocol, use GX Developer (ladder) or GX Works 2 ?
  3. FX Communication

    Hi Karee, This is communication manual of inverter. Protocol is standard modbus, via RS485.\ I'm using GX Developer for programming FX PLC. ACS550 Fieldbus.pdf
  4. FX Communication

    Hello, I want to control ABB ACS550 inverter (start/stop, speed ref) use RS485 from FX1N-485BD, with Mitsubishi FX1N PLC. I've both manual of them but still have no idea how to send command from PLC to inverter's control registers. Please help...
  5. Hello, I've problem with connection between Omron touch screen NP5 and Mitsubishi Melsec-A, use its programming port. Cable connection is correct, according to manual. Use RS422 with 9600, 8, Odd, 1 (COM2 on NP series). Dip switches set on NP are correct. But still can't communicate between them, host PLC error. Is there any setting must be consider ? Thank you
  6. Omron C200 and LK201

    Hello, I'm trying to get program from running C200 CPU Omron, with LK201 Host Link. But when install LK201 on CPU, ready led is lit for a while, then change to error led on LK201. With this condition, I can not connect Syswin with CPU, even change with possible configuration at LK201 for baud rate, parity etc. Please help how to solve this problem. Thank you
  7. Patlite PCL-01P

    Hello, I need information what software must used for upload/download program to Patlite PCL-01P operation panel and programming cable too. Thank you
  8. LS G7MU

    Hi Jennings, Thanks for your help.
  9. LS G7MU

    LS G7MU with ATV31 Hello, I'm using modbus rs485 with LS/LG PLC G7MU to control several inverters ATV31 Schneider. I can start, stop, send speed ref, receive feedback etc, one by one. The problem is I can't start all inverters in the same time, together. If I send start signal on the same time for all inverters, communication become error. Then I put some delay, after send start to inverter-1, delay 10sec, then start inverter-2............... The condition is same to receive feedback signal from inverter, must one by one. Each inverter has its own ID. Please help if any information, how to start all inverters together on same time. Thank you
  10. PLC Mars

    Thank you drforsythe for your information. I tried to contact them, but their emails are unactive.
  11. PLC Mars

    Hello All, I need information about software and interface cable, which used for PLC Mars Microset. I can't find this information in net... Thanks
  12. Winview

    Hi all, I need help to find some information about Winview HMI touch screen, like as specification, software, interface cable etc. Thank you for help.
  13. Omron NP and Mitsubishi FX

    Thank you Michael
  14. Hello All, I want to make cable connection between Omron NP screen and Mitsubishi FX2N CPU (programming port). If somebody know about this, please help about connection diagram. Thank you
  15. Software for GOT800 Series

    I'm using SW3NIW-A8GOTP Version 20N software for A800 & it's working properly with XP. Supported GOT type : A870GOT-TFT,STN/A810GOT; A870GOT-EL and A85*GOT-STN,L.