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  1. Always on/off bits

    This is what I use as my AFI.
  2. Downtime Help!

    Okie's method is what I want to do; I just dont know how. How would I let the processor know that I lost power and to immediatly store my information? I want to acomplish this without using any additional I/O. The reason for this madness is for... When the machine losses power and the "acc. time" is greater than an hour upon "Start up"; the Keyence micro-meter requires 30 min to warm up. (In order to function correctly)
  3. Downtime Help!

    No UPS on this machine.
  4. Downtime Help!

    I guess I need to explain myself better. When the machine looses power for any reason; I want to be able to capture "time lost" during power failure and compare it to "current time" once the processor is in run mode. Then I can calculate what action to perform. Thanks.....
  5. Downtime Help!

    Meter downtime Thanks.....
  6. Downtime Help!

    Hello, I recently installed a Keyence Micro meter to an existing machine with Allen Bradley controls and I need to be able to store downtime in the event of a power loss. I currently have some experience with S: 1/15 (First Pass) and S: 37-42 bits; but I don’t know how to utilize them correctly to get me what I want. I want to able to store downtime, compare it to the current time and if im greater than an hour fault the machine out. I played with the idea on utilizing an input but I don’t want to use I/O if I don’t have to. Slc 5/04 Thank you
  7. "Start" Help

    Thanks for all the help!!! I told them no today it cannot be done safely.
  8. "Start" Help

    "What is the reason they want the automatic start ? The operators forget to push start ? Or has the plant manager calculated the time savings between closing the door and pushing the start button will result in an overall savings of $100 a month ?" PDL...you hit the nail on the head; they feel they can save money by doing this. I told them that this was an unsafe practice; but i need facts to back me up. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. "Start" Help

    We currently have a machine in our facility that is started by a single start button. Today I was asked to see if I could eliminate the start button and use the door switch as machine start; is this safe? Currently the operators have to load the machine; closes the door and then press start to initiate auto cycle. Now they want the operator to load the machine; close the door and auto cycle will initiate. Note: This machine is not a press its simple a cutting machine that is protected by door guarding and E-stops. I currently purchased the NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery 2007 Edition and I cannot see any reason why not to under “Enabling Control” Thank you,
  10. Panel motor protecting.

    Could you tell me if I am on the right path. Motor Name plate: 15 hp Motor 208 Volt 37.5 Amps FLA Panel Fuse: Time Delay fuse 37.5A x 175%= 65.625Amp Buss box fuse: Time Delay fuse 37.5A x 175%=65.625Amp Wire size in panel: #6 37.5x120%=45 amps Wire size going to Buss box: 140 ft x (37.5x120%) amps x 1= 6300 5.5 x 1000000/6300= 873.016 Wire size at 80% power factor= #6 Conduit size 1 inch EMT Overload device: Thermal/Magnetic 37.5x115%=43.125 Amps
  11. Miscellaneous stuff for sale; all items are in working order. I will accept and entertain all reasonable offers. 1. Mitsubishi A0J2E-E32D Input card 2. Rep Card: KPA 0410/14 3. A/B 1745-PCC:Slc personal computer interface converter: sold 4. 2-A/B 1746-IA16: Input cards: New (not in box); sold 5. A/B 1747-L40A (Shoebox) : sold 6. A/B 1747-L40C (Shoebox): sold 7. 6-A/B 1761-NET-AIC SER B: sold 8. 2- A/B 1761-L32BWA (Micro logic): sold 9. 2-A/B 1746-OA8 (Output card) :sold 10. A/B 1747-l514 (5/01 processor): sold 11. A/B 1746-OX8 (Output card): sold 12. Proface HMI (Total control Jr.): sold 13. Industrial Control systems design: Author:Michael J Grimble:$275.00 Thank you,
  12. Panel motor protecting.

    So let me get this straight. I would fuse each leg before the motor starter with 9 amp fuses. And since i using a disconnect bus drop that is fused i should use the same size fuse?
  13. Panel motor protecting.

    How would I properly fuse at the disconnet; for one motor? 8.4+4.8=13.2????
  14. Hey Guys, How does one calculate motor fusing requirements? I would like to fuse before the starter and at the main disconnect. (10 ft away) Example: 3 HP Motor: 460 (480) Volts: 4.8 FLA: Would I take 4.8 * 120%? (Before motor starter) Would I take 4.8 * 150%? (At the Disconnect) How does one calculate disconnect fusing with 5 motors. (Using above example) "You definitely want to add all of the MAX amps for a total full load rating. That becomes the worst case scenario. Then add 10 to 50% for heat de-rating. Your local code should be consulted for the exact amount of de-rating based on length of the cable run" "For panels with motor loads you typically take the motor with the largest current draw and multiply it by 125%, then add all of the other motor loads to that for a total (of motors only). Then add in other loads such as transformers, etc." Are the above statements correct?