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  1. Trace Function?

    Yes thats right use your "address reference tool" to see where all it is used. And from there away you need to understand the program well enough to know what code actually will affect that output. My understanding of the "Trace" you referenced(at least for Omron) is a troubleshooting tool to track all the different values that a variable has contained. For example if they are changing so fast you can't see them real time by watching it in the program.  
  2. When will I use CIO and Work bits?

    That is correct D area bits are accessible on the CJ2 CPU's. W area is good for all tasks that don't need to retain their values through a power outage. In that way it is really the same as CIO. I like using them for momentary touch switches(user input) on a touch screen.  
  3. I have a customer that wants me to take over a machine. It is a Omron CP1L-M. Another company wrote the program. I can connect to the PLC but cannot upload the program. It says the UM is password protected. I have not been able to get access to the password. Do any of you know of a way to crack the code or have any other tricks? Like is the password stored in DM that I could go look at it(not a high chance would be a security breach)?
  4. If you are using a CJ2M or greater check out "Indirection". It would look like this 100.00[D100] so if D100=0 then you will be looking at CIO 100.00 if D100=1 then you will be looking at CIO 100.01. If you want a way that works on other PLCs and has even more capacity check out the IR and DR using the MOVR instruction. See the manual I attached. Using IR and DR for Indirect Addressing JH 071703.pdf
  5. How to reset

    On the CJ2M and CJ2H you can use the TRSET instruction to reset a timer as well...
  6. Indirect Addressing NA Terminal

    what type of project??
  7. Indirect Addressing NA Terminal

    I sure hope Omron has a way to do it in there NA. They had provision for it on the NS series. Does anyone know??
  8. Unitronics - VisiLogic plc simulator

    As far as know they don't have one for it.
  9. Track NS series IP addresses

    Okay thanks for your input I might have to do the thing of entering a value into a ($HW). Its just I was hoping that it could be auto populated off of the last octet of the IP. Thanks any way.
  10. Track NS series IP addresses

    I'm afraid we are missing each other. What I wanted to no is how can I get the IP address of the Touch Screen and move it into a variable. The reason I want this is so I can change the Touch Screen's program behavior automatically depending on it's IP. This will keep me from having a different program for every one of the Touch Screens on the site...
  11. Track NS series IP addresses

    Yea but how do you go about getting the IP address of the touch screen to put in that variable??
  12. Track NS series IP addresses

    I am using the NS series touch screens and NS-Runtime. Do they have a System word that stores the IP address of that touch screen or PC running the NS-Runtime application. I want to be able to trigger different functions in my project depending on the IP address.
  13. Omron RECV ETN21 to EIP21

    I have done those kind of exchanges and it works great. Here is two snips of how I have it set. I would think yours should work maybe should set your Response Monitor Time...
  14. Convert between Real and LReal

    Thanks a lot that was what I was looking for! I had been looking at the wrong place. Was looking in the Instructions and ST statement Reference manual...
  15. I'm new to the NJ series. How would you go about converting back and forth between Real data and LReal?