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  1. Siemens Step 7 micro win smart

    I have been in touch with Siemens Australia and they have told me that they can not supply the software as it is for the Chinese market and does not come up on their computer as being available. I have emailed Siemens China and have had no response. The PLC in mention arrived in a machine from China and has a Chinese processor. Siemens Australia have told me that I need V2.11 but they can not get it for me and with no response from China and no further support from Australia I don't know where to turn next.
  2. Siemens Step 7 micro win smart

    Hi all i hope some one can help me I am looking a link to download a copy (English) of Step 7 microwin smart v2.11 this is go online with a Chinese machine that has a S7-200 in it but it is a Chinese processor that Siemens don't support here in Australia.