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  1. Trouble with schneider ATV320

    Im using a 1769-L33ER and im trying to add in 3 schneider ATV320 drives.I want to connect over Ethernet/IP and im using a VW3A3616 card on each drive. I set the drives to Ethernet/IP, set a static IP then try and add in a generic ethernet module, set it to assembly 101/100. But only one of the drives connect properly. The other 2 have a yellow warning sign and in the properties under module info, the information looks ok apart from Owned - No. this is the only difference from drive 1 which says Owned - Yes. Am i missing some other configuration?Im also having trouble controlling drive 1, I was given an example program from schneider with an addon instruction for an ATV32 (they said it will work). I then added that addon instruction into my project and linked the relevant tags and parameters. I am getting some data in the input in controller tags But the addon instruction isn't working im not seeing any data.  Im guessing im missing something... Any help or point in the right direction is appreciated Example_ATV32_EthernetIP_RSLogix5000.zip Example_ATV32_EthernetIP_RSLogix5000.ppt
  2. tia portal safety compile problem

    ,The '"System".Cycle.InCycle' parameter is not permitted. No access is allowed to static I-DB variables. Remove this access from the safety program.,,,10:27:41 AM   can anyone shed any light as to why this would appear all of a sudden, worked perfectly well the last time i was onsite. did someone connect with a newer version of step 7 safety? any ideas?