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  1. What's purpose of the FAST INPUT MODULE EL1202 | 2-channel digital input terminal 24 V DC, TON/TOFF 1 µs  If the maximum PLC Cycle is 50 µs  and there is no option hardware interrupt.   I've been working more than 5 years with SIEMENS PLC-s. Last year we have started working with BECKOFF PLC-s. At the moment I got CX2030 PLC CPU with myself. I will try to describe following problem which I have to resolve with Beckoff PLCs. I have to control 6 thyristors with PLC. Therefore I got CX2030 PLC,  EL3783 card – for 3 phase Voltage/Current measurement, 3 PWM OUTPUT Modules(EL2502) and 3 High Speed Fast Input modules Once PLC realize from EL3783 card Voltage zerodetected(zerocrossing) , PWM output turn on its output(lets say DQ0.0)  for the next 60° or 3.3ms. Sending only one rising edge inside 60° is not enough for thyristor control. So my task is to send couple of rising edges(lets say 10 rising edges would be enough) to the thyristor inside  60° or 3.3ms. The way I've been doing this for over a 3 years inside SIEMENS PLC is the following:   Once there is rising edge of the PWM output turn on its output(lets say Q0.0) , I wire it to the HIGH SPEED INPUT MODULE(lets say DI0.0). DI0.0 CALLS OB(ORGANISATION BLOCK) by HARDWARE INTERRUPT(interrupt is triggered by receiving signal on DI0.0 from DQ0.0) with certain delay. Inside OB called from Hardware INTERRUPT I'm „cutting“ output DQ0.0.   No matter did you understand my Idea, in order to realize this from Beckoff PLC I need option HARDWARE INTERRUPT, that means to call PLCTask on certain Digital input. So far I have found option „cycle task call“. But for me it is neccessary to call Task once I register certain Digital Input rising edge. How to make this inside Twincat 3?
  2. Not a number ABB

    In SIEMENS STEP 7 there is not a number. I'm using that in a case of some fault. For example if REAL x= 70.0 then X>60.0 will give a true. In a case of sensor fault X is equal to not a number X=DW#FFFFFFFF Than every logic comparion will give a false. X>60.0 is false   I'm searching for same not a number value for ABB Automation Builder (CodeSys)