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  1. Happy New Year    I have a question about homing a Kinetix 300 servo drive.  I am attempting to run this drive in position mode.  The servo motor is connected to a ball screw which in turn is connected to a slide with a tool mounted to it.  I need to define a home position before I can give a position for the motor to travel to.  There appear to be several homing options in the book but they all require motion to a switch or a marker on the encoder.  My method would be touching off the tool and then defining that point as my home position.  I was thinking of jogging back and forth until I reached the point that I wanted to call home and then pressing a "home switch"     The only method that I see that does not require movement prior to homing is method 35.  This is "immediate homing"  This will happen as soon as I enable the drive though.  That might not be correct.  Is there a way that I can use the immediate home method but specify when it will take place?  Is there another method that I am missing?
  2. MCR IN MICRO 800

    I am using the Allen Bradley Micro 800 for the first time.  I am converting an old Micrologix 1000 program.  The program used the MCR function as a fault detector.  If all of the faults were clear it brought in MCR.  The second MCR was the last line of the program.  If something went wrong the entire ladder would be nullified.  Worked well. Anything like that in the Micro 800?  If not I am going to have to put a "MACHINE IS READY" contact in every rung. Thanks in advance.
  3. Any chance that you could ask him?  Looks like this might be the way to do it but I would love to know what the difference is between those two messages.   Thanks
  4. Thank you. I am using most of those for the start, stop, and speed commands. MSG3 and MSG7 are the CIP Generic reads that I do not have,  They look identical aside from where you are putting them (N5 and N15)?  Looks like you are reading the same thing or am I looking at it wrong?  Is it reading parameter 2?
  5. I have a Powerflex 525 communicating with a Micrologix 1100 over Ethernet.  I can start, stop, and control the speed of the drive just fine.  I would also like to read other parameters into the PLC like Current and Fault Code.  How do I send a single parameter that isn't part of the "N41" files? Explicit Messaging?  Datalinks?
  6. Sending a 0.0 did the trick.  It ramps down to the speed and "stops" Surprising that AB does not have a STOP MOTION in velocity mode.  Thanks for your help.
  7. Thanks.  I did look at that.  In fact I am using a variation of the program tied to that manual.  Unfortunately that example is using indexing mode and the stop is an ABORT INDEX.  I want to use velocity mode.  There does not seem to be a STOP or STOP MOTION in velocity mode.  That is my problem.
  8. I am trying to finish my set up on the Kinetix 300-Micrologix 1100 project.  I have most of the bugs worked out but I am stuck on something.   I am communicating with the drive in velocity mode over Ethernet using messaging instructions.  I enable the drive, send it a speed and it accelerates to that speed per the acceleration rate that I set in the MotionView software.  When I want to stop the drive I disable it.  It immediately stops.  No decel.  No ramp.  It is as if I sent the drive a "0" speed.  It does not matter what I set for a decel rate.  Accel I can change so I know that it is active.   Any idea why I am not getting a decel?  Is there another way to stop in velocity mode besides disabling the drive?  If that is the only way then is there a place to change what happens when I disable the drive? I did look in the manual but it only tells you how to start not how to stop.   Thanks in advance.    
  9. Kinetix 300 not faulting

    I can view the motion software but as soon as I disconnect the cable I am no longer communicating with the drive so I can't see anything.  My distributor talked to Rockwell and they seem to think that it has something to do with the "ownership" of the drive. If the ownership is one way or the other the drive will disregard the communication altogether. I am looking into it now. Rockwell is as well. 
  10. Kinetix 300 not faulting

    If the Ethernet cable is unplugged or damaged then there is no way for the PLC to disable the drive.  I need the drive to go into a fault condition so that it stops the motion and the retentive motion command.  That way when I enable the drive again it will be waiting for a new motion command.
  11. Kinetix 300 not faulting

    That KB is tech connect only so I can't read the whole thing.  So basically I would need to set the Fault Reset to "Upon Disable" but does this mean that if the drive disables it clears the fault? I know that there is a parameter on the PF that you need to change so that the drive does NOT go into fault of the Safe -Off is tripped. Maybe this is similar?
  12. Kinetix 300 not faulting

    I do not see anything like that for the Kinetix.  I know that the PF is full of parameters that would alter faults but I do not see those options for the Kinetix 300.  It just shows a list of faults. I was able to get the drive to fault (by removing the encoder connector).  I wanted to check my sanity. If I am in Ethernet drive mode I would think that it would fault if you removed the Ethernet cable....
  13. Kinetix 300 not faulting

    I am connecting a Kinetix 300 servo drive to a MicroLogix 1100 over Ethernet.  The connection works fine and the drive responds as it should.  When I disconnect the Ethernet cable I should get an E14 fault and the drive should shut down.  I am not getting that fault and the drive continues to turn.  I have a comm loss signal in the PLC because of a msg error but can't stop the drive because I am not connected anymore.  I can disable the drive but as soon as I enable it again the motor starts to turn again because the motion profile is retentive.  I tried the same thing on the Powerflex 525 that is connected the same way and it immediately goes into a fault. Why am I not getting the fault message on the Kinetix? 
  14. I am setting up a Micrologix 1100 to communicate with a Powerflex 525 over Ethernet via messaging.  Everything works well so far.  I just realized though that if I lose my Ethernet cable for whatever reason I have no way of telling the PLC that there is a com loss.  I can monitor a drive fault as long as the cable is there but if the cable is disconnected or breaks the drive will fault and shut off but the rest of my machine will still keep going which would be bad. Long story short is there something that changes state when I fail to communicate with the drive (be it reading or writing) that I can use some where else in the program to shut the system down?
  15. I have been a faithful user of Allen Bradley products for over 20 years. My distributor has been good to me over the years with very good pricing. I have been good to him as well with lots of orders. That might change in the near future. My pricing is not what it used to be. I know that prices continue to rise but my discount structure has changed drastically   I am curious about what else is out there. I primarily live in the Micrologix PLC world. I also use the Kinetix 300 family of servo drives, the MPL series servo motors, the Powerflex family of VFD's, and 800T push buttons and switches.  What do the rest of you use?  Why do you use it?  How difficult is the migration for someone that has used AB their entire career? Thanks for your input, Chuck