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  1. I have a Panel View 800 HMI communicating with a Micrologix 1100 over Ethernet. My customer wanted password protection for certain screens and certain people.  I set up three users with passwords.  I did not put in a Change Password object because I did not want anyone to mess with it. They called this morning to say that their passwords did not work anymore.  Anyone have any experience with this?  They put in their username and password and a screen pops up that says access denied.  Works one day then does not work the next.
  2. I have written a fairly complicated (at least for me) program for a Micrologix 1100.  I am controlling several Kinetix and Powerflex drives over Ethernet.  There is also a Panelview 800 in the system as well. I have a large list of "parameters" that might change over time.  These are not drive parameters but PLC integer and string values.  They are values that change the feeds and speeds of the drives based on the part that the client wants to run. Is there a way to upload or write to the PLC that doesn't require RSLogix500?  I would like the client to be able to edit a value or two if they want to make a change.  I just don't want to have to be there every time he wants to do it.  I have heard about writing data to Excel but wasn't sure if there was a way to do it the other way. As I write this I realize that it probably can't be done but I thought that I would ask.  Maybe someone has a brilliant idea!   Thanks in advance

    I actually have close to 30 different binary "switches" in play.  I have a series of "buttons" on the Panelview that are each tagged to a different binary contact in the PLC.  Each one of the "buttons" has a name (DOOR CLOSE, DOOR OPEN, WATER ON, OIL ON, ETC).  When the button is pressed it closes the tagged binary contact in the PLC and information is moved to a servo drive.  I would like to be able to display the name on a different screen based on which button was pressed.  Not sure I can do that with a multi-state indicator.
  4. I would like to display an alphanumeric message on a Panelview 800.  The PV is connected to a Micrologix 1100 over Ethernet.  I would like the message to be different depending on what happens on the PLC.  For example if B3:0/2 closes I would like to display "DOOR IS OPEN"  If B3:03 closes I would like to display "DOOR IS CLOSED" There is something called STRING DISPLAY but I do not know how it works. Thanks in advance!
  5. I would like to turn a servo motor (slave) relative to the motion of a slide.  The slide will be moved with a hydraulic cylinder.  I would like to attach a linear encoder to the slide and make that encoder the master.  The manual only shows a connection between two servo motors.  I assume that this can be done with just one and an encoder? Does anyone know if there are any specific requirements?  Most linear scales are 5v.  Does it need to be 24v? I don't know much about encoders but the manual shows connection points for A+, A-, B+, and B-.  Seems straight forward enough.......(famous last words)
  6. I am communicating with a Kinetix 300, a Powerflex 525, and a Micrologix 1100 via Ethernet/IP using MSG instructions.  They are all linked through a Stratix 2000 un-managed hub. Everything works fine...most of the time.  Every once in a while I will get a MSG error.  Often happens on startup.  I have written the logic so that it will continue to attempt communication until the error goes away.  It usually does after a few minutes.  Sometimes the error is while trying to communicate with the Powerflex but more often it is with the Kinetix 300. I even tried to eliminate the hub and just direct connect the ML1100 to the Kinetix 300 with an extra cable that I had.  Still got the random error.  Again it corrected itself but I really can't have that happen for no apparent reason. I know that you don't know the exact situation but I wondered if someone might have an idea about what it might be?
  7. Happy New Year    I have a question about homing a Kinetix 300 servo drive.  I am attempting to run this drive in position mode.  The servo motor is connected to a ball screw which in turn is connected to a slide with a tool mounted to it.  I need to define a home position before I can give a position for the motor to travel to.  There appear to be several homing options in the book but they all require motion to a switch or a marker on the encoder.  My method would be touching off the tool and then defining that point as my home position.  I was thinking of jogging back and forth until I reached the point that I wanted to call home and then pressing a "home switch"     The only method that I see that does not require movement prior to homing is method 35.  This is "immediate homing"  This will happen as soon as I enable the drive though.  That might not be correct.  Is there a way that I can use the immediate home method but specify when it will take place?  Is there another method that I am missing?
  8. MCR IN MICRO 800

    I am using the Allen Bradley Micro 800 for the first time.  I am converting an old Micrologix 1000 program.  The program used the MCR function as a fault detector.  If all of the faults were clear it brought in MCR.  The second MCR was the last line of the program.  If something went wrong the entire ladder would be nullified.  Worked well. Anything like that in the Micro 800?  If not I am going to have to put a "MACHINE IS READY" contact in every rung. Thanks in advance.
  9. Any chance that you could ask him?  Looks like this might be the way to do it but I would love to know what the difference is between those two messages.   Thanks
  10. Thank you. I am using most of those for the start, stop, and speed commands. MSG3 and MSG7 are the CIP Generic reads that I do not have,  They look identical aside from where you are putting them (N5 and N15)?  Looks like you are reading the same thing or am I looking at it wrong?  Is it reading parameter 2?
  11. I have a Powerflex 525 communicating with a Micrologix 1100 over Ethernet.  I can start, stop, and control the speed of the drive just fine.  I would also like to read other parameters into the PLC like Current and Fault Code.  How do I send a single parameter that isn't part of the "N41" files? Explicit Messaging?  Datalinks?
  12. Sending a 0.0 did the trick.  It ramps down to the speed and "stops" Surprising that AB does not have a STOP MOTION in velocity mode.  Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks.  I did look at that.  In fact I am using a variation of the program tied to that manual.  Unfortunately that example is using indexing mode and the stop is an ABORT INDEX.  I want to use velocity mode.  There does not seem to be a STOP or STOP MOTION in velocity mode.  That is my problem.
  14. I am trying to finish my set up on the Kinetix 300-Micrologix 1100 project.  I have most of the bugs worked out but I am stuck on something.   I am communicating with the drive in velocity mode over Ethernet using messaging instructions.  I enable the drive, send it a speed and it accelerates to that speed per the acceleration rate that I set in the MotionView software.  When I want to stop the drive I disable it.  It immediately stops.  No decel.  No ramp.  It is as if I sent the drive a "0" speed.  It does not matter what I set for a decel rate.  Accel I can change so I know that it is active.   Any idea why I am not getting a decel?  Is there another way to stop in velocity mode besides disabling the drive?  If that is the only way then is there a place to change what happens when I disable the drive? I did look in the manual but it only tells you how to start not how to stop.   Thanks in advance.    
  15. Kinetix 300 not faulting

    I can view the motion software but as soon as I disconnect the cable I am no longer communicating with the drive so I can't see anything.  My distributor talked to Rockwell and they seem to think that it has something to do with the "ownership" of the drive. If the ownership is one way or the other the drive will disregard the communication altogether. I am looking into it now. Rockwell is as well.