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  1. SCADA system support

    Hi, mySCADA Techologies can do that. You can download their User manual in section myDESIGNER here for free: https://www.myscada.org/download/ and in that manual in section Communication you find more! Good luck!
  2. Distributed scada installation with remote access?

    Hello Mark, You gave just a little information about your project but I can tell you my opinion and experience with similar project. I have a power solar plant with almost 100 inverters. This plant has some time and money costs (travel costs, costs because of failures – partial or complete due to overvoltage and so on …)  I was looking for scada that will tell me if anything happens. A lot of scada systems available on the market but I want  scada without pc or server needed…My friend recommended me myscada box (works very well) – no pc needed,  works nicely over two years. http://myscadatechnologies.com/mybox/ Hopefully it will help…