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  1. controlling linear actuators by inclinometer

    Here is an example of unscaling the output of an oven for a 4-20mA. It's the same thing to scale the inputs but using scale instead of unscale. But I think you can skip all that and just use 2 compact PIDs as shown in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haww2NyllRc I'm guessing you are using 2 actuators for X and 2 for Y and the X2=100-X1 or something?
  2. scl programming , what is going on ???

    In the second picture the calculation is wrong, I tried to reproduce the error simulating a 1215C/DC/DC/DC in TIA V13 sp1 update 8 but could not. What version of the software are you using and are you sure you didn't change anything else?
  3. Siemens WinCC button removal and screen creation

    If you select the button and press delete, then select the hmi and compile and then download it should be gone. My guess is you are not selecting the whole hmi when you compile and download.
  4. So did you try my code and did it work? It worked fine on the 1200 series I simulated it on. Can't remember how to write with pointers though for the 300 series.
  5. Not sure if I understood exactly what you want. So I made a Function block that you could put in your cyclic interrupt (OB30 or OB35 for example) I'm assuming you already defined %ThrustReal and #RPMReal as a 0-200 and 0-2000 floats using a scaling of the inputs. Now I am generating an array Thrust[0] to Thrust[4] with the measured value of thrust for 0 RPM, 500RPM, ... , 2000RPM. The way I'm doing is it simply checking if the RPM is within 5% of one of the values (500 or 1000) for example. If so save the thrust to the array. I'm not sure if that type of move will work on the 300 series, you may need to use pointers in STL. Not sure if uploading images to the board works, so here is a link: http://imgur.com/cCX5W0O