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  1. The point is I controle 15 shooting range . Each range is controled by a NS5 screen connected in a LAN. the FC51 are connected in an 2 wire MODBUS netwerk only using the connections 68 & 69. this way I only have one Display prog . 1 short program that collects the message . and 1 prog for the FC51 . I can read the parameters 843.0 till 843.15 and write  the Data into the parameters 842.0 till 842.15 . but i can not start or stop the inverter for there is no setting in 832.0 till 842.15 . so how do I start and stop the inverter by Bus command.. I can send you the zip progs I am using if you like to have take a look at them regards Johan
  2. I have downloaded your prog , but I can not find the configuration for the FC280 . or what kind of communication you use for the serial port ( ( protocol macro or serial  ). I have now an prog running for the distance selction on an internal shooting range . I use a Fc51 to drive a motor with revolution trigger and Home sensor ( connected to the FC51 . the drive communicate by Modbus to a SCU42 card from OMRON . all Data is read and controled through ethernet IP and a NS5 screen . I have only some problem writing the start coil and changing some parameters . that is why I would like to try out your prog .   regards johan
  3. Hallo Jonny . can the program also work with an CJ2M31 or 33 with a SCU42 MODBUS comminicating with the FC51 from Danfoss ?    
  4. CJ2M, SCU32, Modbus RTU with 3G3MX2 VFDs

    Did you try to reload the macro's into the SCU 32 . I am using CJ2M-31 and SCU 42 . communicating with protocol macro's and no communication breakdown  
  5. Hallo Prof _Jonny .

    I am trying to control a FC051 drive through Modbus .

    I am using an CJ2M_CPU31 and an SCU42 from OMRON

    The SCU is connected with  Port 1 and (set up as num 15) to  the drives as 2 wire Modbus to the connections 68 and 69.

    I am using an modificated  CP1LCP1HCJ1CJ2CS1ModbusSolutionV212.prog.

    I can read the parametrs set from 843.0.

    but I am still not able to start or stop the Inverter .

    the project i am making is to have the FC51 drive an motor for an number of triggers and hold , then return to the home position on command .

    can your prog do what |I want for an FC51

    hope you have the solution .




  6. MODBUS Question

    Hallo Hanselot . I have tryed to make my own telegram . the problem I have is that the I use macro's in the NS5 screens to make the telegram . but MODBUS sends 8 Bit and the Controle Word from DANFOSS is 16 bit . if you have a telegram that can do 16 bit . i wil try it . regarsd Johan
  7. MODBUS Question

    Hallo Michael . I am using a OMRON PLC with a SCU42 card to communicate with a Danfoss inverter . The OMRON PLC runs a MODBUS RTU master prog . The Value for the program are set in a NS5 screen with FINS/TCP connection The Danfoss inverter communicate in MODBUS to the SCU42 card . I was hoping to find someone that knows how to send a MODBUS telgram with 16 bit instead of the default 8 bit .   regards Johan
  8. MODBUS Question

    Is there a way to change the status from the inputs 18;19;32;33 from a Danfoss inverter in a Modbus telegram . regards Johan
  9. Nummural input box

    Hallo Michael . I am sorry for the correction . Apparently i missed the that in his reply . hope it will not effect his reply .   regards Johan  
  10. Nummural input box

    crossbow . Sorry to say , but it is possible . I have written a Macro that reads the data from the box and write it in to 10 different dm channels in a OMRON PLC . And Yes . the adress write command is copied . on change the Value : WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05000],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05010],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05020],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05030],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05040],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05050],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05060],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05070],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05080],$HW1000,1); WRITECMEM([SV357:DM05090],$HW1000,1); and it works .  
  11. Mistake 1 : I use IP number to communicate between the screen and the PLC . using a adapted program MODBUS master : see File SV357. Mistake 2 : forgot to remove the DataProtocol V1 what is a Devicenet protocol for Danfoss inverters . I am using Modbus for the control off the FC051 Danfoss drive .( see file ssp you need MCT10 from Danfoss to read the file  ) In the prog you may find the text " Smart Logic" what is a small program that runs in the Danfoss Drive   schietbaan H& SV357O.ZIP SV357-NS5U.ZIP
  12. Have try a command button . in the function you can tell it to display a screen . also it is possible to hide it in the same manner as the function key .   johan
  13. Hallo Jay . because I want to program 1 screen for one range drive I am using FTP/IP communication . I have included a file written with Open Office  and Microsoft  Office .   NetWork Setup.doc NetWork Setup.odt
  14. I am controlling a Danfoss FC051 with a OMRON CJM1 plc using a modbus master program . the control is done with a OMRON NS5 screen that reads the parameter value . to change a parameter I need to send a modbus telegram to the FC051 with a specific Node address . Can this be done with a macro that is activated by changing the value in a input box ? a example would be most appreciated
  15. Nummural input box

    Morning Jay . Thanks for the assistance . I am pleased to let you know that it is working and I can finish the project .   regards Sparky