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  1. Map Physical Input and Output to Word

    I am using the above method, I thought there is a more simple method instead of writing bits to bits. Is there a way of assigning a variable at IO Table directly with the union variable?  
  2. How to map physical Input and output into variables type of Word?  It is easy in CX programmer with Mov 0 to  Inp_Word_0  (type Channel) Global Variable  -----> Inp_Word_0 ,      Inp_Word_1     Type Word                                       Out_Word_0,        Type Word                           Example in NX1P2   map Input Bit 00 to Input Bit 15 to a Inp_Word_0,     and    map  Input Bit 16 to Input Bit 23 to a Inp_Word_1                                      map Outpu Bit 00 to Input Bit 15 to a Out_Word_0,                                         
  3. NX102 Ethernet IP

    Hi:          I am able to read a variable . But not array, not even a single element.  The service code is 4c. Have you try? 
  4. Hi Micheal:

                             Have you tested NX102 with Multiway using Fin Ethernet TCP or UDP? I am unable to connect and send command with the Multiway.  I had been trying for the past week. It is rather straightforward with CJ  PLC . Can you help?

    my id is simonongsk

    my email is


    Fint routing.png




  5. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    "- DNA must never be 00. Your Sysmac Studio screenshot shows that the PLC uses default Local Network 01, so DNA should be 01 as well. " Which part of the sysmac studio screen shot show the Default Network that I should change? In CJ it is much simpler. "but the data you are sending to PLC is incorrect"  - the multiway error said so.  Multiway work with CJ Fins command, i believe the NX/Nj should behave the same way. Any idea?        
  6. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    Below is the multiway screen shot
  7. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    I am still unable to use the Fins Command with multiWay attached is the setting  
  8. NX102 Fins Command with PC

    "I usually use 0 for SNA for a direct network."  Do you meant without using a switch? So if I am using a switch, what is the value I should use? You need to set it up though, if you're using FINS/TCP---> How do you setup in Sysmac Studio? (prefer TCP over UDP).    
  9. Anyone tested NX102 builtin Ethernet Port 1/2 for Fins command with Multiway? Example  PLC Port 1  IP is  , PC Address is FINS Node Address of built in Ethernet IP port is 11 (grey out) as it follow the setting at port 2   ICF   80 RSV  00 GCT  03 DNA  01   (Direct PC to NX102) DA1   0A  (IP node 10) DA2  00 SNA 01  (Diect PC to NX102) SA1  58 SA2  00 SID --Changing I got an Error code 1004 ( setting error)   Do I need to setup routing table?   i used this as a guide, but that video added a EIP card        
  10. NX102 Ethernet IP

    Hi :        IF there are 10 global variables in the NX102        Count_1....................Count_10 (all of the variables are UINT)   what is the   Class ID Instance ID. and Attribute ID for reading from and writing values to the above said variables? I am unable to find the the appropriate manual below is an Application that is able to peek at Omron EIP PLC
  11. NA HMI Listbox

    Thanks. As long as the Array stay the same with the index , value should be able to read but from the array instead of the Listbox0.    
  12. NA HMI Listbox

    Fritz:              There is a variable property for the Listbox, what do you specify? I think I compiled but with an error stated the setitems  is not an element  something. I will give it a try ,.   What is the listbox Memeber for selected item   ListBox0.SelectedItem.Value---> won't work   by the way VS2017 allow Campact FrameWork?
  13. NA HMI Listbox

    Fritz:              There is a variable property for the Listbox, what do you specify? I think I compiled but with an error stated the setitems  is not an element  something. I will give it a try ,.
  14. NA HMI Listbox

    This part is easy. I thought since Omron advertised about VB.Net,  Then surely first thing come to my mind...listbox and Dropbox or even Textbox should behave as such in Visual Studio? if you read the link that I post, some one posted and said he/she had been able to load it from code. Or am i read wrongly?
  15. Hi :

                 Tumpang tanya,  I came across a thread you mentioned about the listbox (which i believe base on .Net) .  May i know is it possible to add items to the listbox and combo box in runtime?

    What I know the supported member are as below















    So there is no "Items" . 

    If you mananged to add items (not during design time) Please help to show me how?

    I need to pass array item (specific item) to listbox and combo box.